Happy New Year!

14 Jan

I have never really made New Years resolutions. I guess I just figured I would break them anyway so I saved myself the disappointment. This year, however, my husband wanted to know my goals for 2010. He told me he thought it was important to have new things to strive for each year. I think he’s right. At the time, I said I wanted to spend less and save more.

Sadly, these do not grow in our backyard. Sometimes I act like they do. I know that I love to shop. I don’t buy expensive things; I love Target and Old Navy. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I’d say I don’t always handle my money wisely. This year, I hope to be even more thrifty by not buying as many new things. I am going to try to rework things I already have or make things before I rush out to buy buy buy. I will reward myself with a laptop (yay!) for teaching summer school this year, but that is my one big reward. No more manicure rewards, or new shirt rewards, or new home stuff rewards. I’m not that good.

Toasting to the new year!
After I told him my goal about money, I started thinking more about goals for the new year. I decided that I needed to live with no regrets. I needed to try new things and face my fears (this inspired the whole list-checking-off). If I thought I couldn’t do something, I would try it anyway. If I was nervous or scared about something new, I’d face it head on. So far, it is going very well! Last Sunday, for example, I went on an 8 mile bike ride from Newbury Park to the beach. It was amazing! It was really hard, though pros say it is an easy trail, but well worth it. There were times when I thought, “No way! I can’t do this! I’m going to fall, or get hurt, or die,” but I just went for it and here I am! I feel better about myself for trying all these new things lately and it makes me want to do more.

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