Birthday Wish List

19 Jan

 My birthday is coming up in March and I am asking for a bike. Right now, I am using my husband’s friend’s bike and one day he might want it back. In addition to the bike, I am hoping to get a few fun accessories so I can ride in style.

Birthday Wish List
Birthday Wish List by 

#1: Xterra Molded Wedge Pack Bike Seat Bag : Target
I already have something like this, just wanted to share its awesomeness with you all. It attaches to the bike under the seat and is the perfect size for a cellphone, ID, credit card, cash, and chap stick. I like to have these things on hand, especially if there is a chance I could be separated from the group. 

#2: Inline Front Handlebar Bicycle Basket Wicker Brown.

 I love that this basket comes with an attachment that stays on the bike so the basket can easily be removed to take into a market or if I’m going on a serious trail ride. The handle makes it the perfect accessory (and makes me want to ride to the market for a french baguette and bouquet of flowers!).

#3: Ventura I Love My Bike Bell : Target

How cute is this bell? With this, I could pass other bikers (yeah, like I’m ever going fast enough to do that) without yelling, “LEFT!”

#4: Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Carrier

This sedan bike rack would be super helpful, as now I have to put the bike in the trunk every time I want to go riding.

#5: 26″ Schwinn Women’s Aluminum Comp

I have it stuck in my head that I need a Schwinn bike, and this aluminum one is not only pretty, but light and functional. I could ride around the neighborhood as well as on rougher trails. 

#6: Bell Max Comfort Seat : Target

Everyone knows that bike seats are not so comfy on the tush, and as I have quite a large one (tush, that is), I need a seat that is wider than those that come standard on the bike. This one looks nice and cushy, too.

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