Bike Rack

16 Feb

Any time I have gone on a bike ride that wasn’t right in our neighborhood, my husband has to stuff my bike in the back of his car so I can drive it to our starting point. This Saturday, he wanted to come with (or I wanted him to and he kindly obliged), but we can’t fit both bikes inside the car. We were going to need a bike rack eventually (it was going to be one of my bday presents), so we rushed to target that morning and bought one designed for a sedan.

I was so excited when I read on the box “no assembly required”, but I realized that doesn’t mean “easy to figure out”. It took us a while to get the thing on the car and secured properly and even when we did, it seemed like the slightest bump might send the bikes into orbit. We made it to our friend’s and back without losing any bikes, so I guess it worked out, but I probably won’t be able to drive like that. I’m a wuss.

Have you ever put anything together? Ikea much?

One Response to “Bike Rack”

  1. People's Champ February 23, 2010 at 1:58 am #

    you are a wuss! I hated ikea before I had a drill. Now I can put together a Vistra dresser in 5 min flat!

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