26 Mar

I haven’t blogged in over a month. I have a list of posts stored on my phone (any time I think of a topic I want to blog about I put it on my “blog” note), but I have been too busy at work and too tired at home to just sit and write.

You see, blogging makes me happy. It lets me get out my thoughts and do something just for me. I know most people don’t really care about everything I write about (not looking for validation here, just stating fact), but I love having a place to spill my brain and be a bit creative.

Another reason I haven’t blogged? In protest. I really really really really want a laptop. Not a cheap-o dell or a netbook, I want a macbook. I know, I know, I can’t always get what I want, but it would really make my life happier. When my husband wants to watch sports on TV, I can just sit there on the couch, in the same room, blogging, browsing, reading, whatever. If we’re in bed and I can’t sleep, I can blog, browse, read… you get the idea. With a desktop in the office (which before we had our home, I loved the idea of; having an office to get away and work/surf alone) it means I have to spend time in a room all by myself with no TV noise to make me feel safe. Yes, when I’m home alone I have to have the TV on so I feel like there is someone with me. Sad, I know.

I actually used to have a black macbook. It was amazing. It was my baby. It got my through grad school. It got stolen out of our North Hollywood apartment. It was devastating.

I haven’t been making an effort to blog because I feel like I MUST have a macbook in order to be an excellent blogger. Hopefully I will be able to teach summer school this year (I applied, but waiting for budget decisions) so this dream can become a reality. If I get one, I will make a commitment to blog every day. Aren’t you excited?

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