Fit Friday: Week 1

16 Apr

I’ll start by saying this week was a major FAIL.

Saturday: Ate very well, no exercise, drank waaayyyy too much wine at my friend’s going away party, then cried like a baby.

Sunday: woke up at 4am, 5am, and 6am to puke, at 8am begged for McDonald’s breakfast, mac n’ cheese for lunch, chicken ceasar salad for dinner, negative exercise as I was so hungover I couldn’t even get off the couch.

Monday: I can’t remember what I ate, but I didn’t exercise.

Tuesday: I had a good breakfast and lunch, but my mom called me that night and offered to bring over some extra pizza from her restaurant and since that meant I wouldn’t have to cook, I couldn’t refuse; no exercise.

Wednesday: oatmeal for breakfast, leftover pizza for lunch, coucous bowl for dinner, no exercise.

Thursday: forgot my healthy lunch at home (leftover coucous bowl), started my morning at work off with a bad run in with a higher-up, cried, and went to In N’ Out for lunch… I thought I deserved it since I cried at work, but I didn’t. Went out to Sol Y Luna with the hubs for dinner and had a salad with a couple margaritas. Girl’s gotta live!

Friday: Let’s just say these have been staring at me for the past few hours…

It was for a good cause??

Mmmmmmm…. cookie tower….

I am going to do better next week, I promise.

One Response to “Fit Friday: Week 1”

  1. Jakeandjess April 16, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    start a food journal..get a small notebook and jot down what you're eating. PROMISE you'll feel better about your weekly food endeavors. I did it for awhile when I wanted to start seeing what was making my constant stomach pains/wanted to tone up a bit and it really put food into perspective….ps jake says it's a good idea too! ; )

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