My new favorite blog!

26 Apr

I read a lot of blogs. Everyday I am adding (and sometimes deleting) subscriptions to my Google reader. Some of my absolute favorites are That Wife, OMG! I’m a Mom!, Bees and Bows, and Meet the Vances. I have recently discovered a new favorite that is good for something more than keeping me from getting bored at work.

Knock Off Wood is the best blog ever… well, I think so anyway…

I am not sure exactly how I stumbled on this blog, but this woman is a freakin’ hardcore genius. She started making her own furniture, then selling furniture to people and stores, and now she puts all the detailed plans on her blog for us to use! I know what you’re thinking: furniture is hard and expensive to build. That is what I thought. I thought it would be cheaper to buy a new bedroom set than build one. Plus, I don’t have all those fancy tools, right? WRONG! She shows us all how to build quality, stylish furniture (similar to Pottery Barn) for so little money it will make your head spin.

Check out this Pottery Barn play kitchen:

Amazing, no? Any little girl’s dream? Would you spend $700 plus tax and shipping on a cute little kitchen? I’m sorry, I mean a cute little PLAY kitchen that your kids will draw all over and climb on top of and destroy?

Check out this play kitchen:

Way cuter, more personalized, and HELLO! This one cost less than $130. Yes, it takes time to make something like this for so little money, but when you have so little money and a little extra time, you make it and pat yourself on the back!

Isn’t this Farmhouse Bed from Pottery Barn lovely?

Well, you’ll have to shell out $1,200 plus tax and shipping for a queen sized one.

This one is so similar…

and only cost $120 to build.

Go check out this blog. It is amazing and will inspire you to save so much money without sacrificing style or quality! I’m ready to get building!

One Response to “My new favorite blog!”

  1. Jakeandjess April 27, 2010 at 3:19 am #

    shout out for our blog!!! what what ; )

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