Breaks My Heart

6 May

Yesterday, I had lunch at one of my favorite local mexican restaurants. In the booth next to me, there were two women and a cute little boy, he must have been around 2 years old. The mom worked at the restaurant and was taking a break to have lunch with her son and the woman who was babysitting for the day (grandmother, aunt, friend). When the mom got up to get ready to go back to work, the little boy began crying. The businessmen sitting nearby were annoyed that this kid was screaming while they were trying to enjoy their lunch.

I, on the other hand, wanted to cry right along with him. The whole situation was so sad and brought back memories of being sad when my own mom had to work all the time when I was little. One of the reasons why I became a teacher was for the great hours and unparalleled vacation time. While my mom, a restaurant manager, often worked on Christmas and Easter, I get all the important holidays off as well as some not-so-important ones, plus spring, summer, and winter breaks. I know that if I had to, I can work and be a mom. However, I want nothing more than to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). If my baby was crying like that because he or she didn’t want me to go to work, I’m sure I would quit on the spot.

How do moms balance work and family?

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