New Nursery Inspiration

13 May

Go back and read this post. Now you have the back story.

No, still not pregnant, though sometimes I wish I was so I could have an excuse for all the weight I’ve gained in the past year…

When I was planning my wedding, I must have changed my mind about flowers and bridesmaids dresses and caterers and all that junk about fifty million times. Now that we’re kinda close to baby-making season, I am obsessed with blogs about new moms or pregnant women and can’t stop dreaming about nursery decor. A few months ago I was all about the pink and blue with lots of theme-y stuff everywhere. Now I’m leaning toward neutral and calming. My latest favorite?

All images from withTWOcats
I LOVE the neutral blue/grey walls, white wainscoting, old-fashion crib, and bright linens. My favorite part?
This awesome tree she painted. It looks like the wind is blowing the branches over the crib! No need for a mobile here (and I kind of hate baby mobiles).
I am a great copycat. I love stealing people’s ideas and tweaking them a bit to “make it my own” as Paula would say. However, I want to try to be a bit more original with my designing. I really really want to steal this nursery, swapping out the orange linens for something red, maybe (I also kind of hate orange), but I’m thinking I need to change more than just the linens to make this one my own.
What if I merge this design with this one?
I could make the wall above the wainscoting a chalkboard! At my husbands favorite store, Home Depot, you can make any color paint into chalkboard paint. I would use a similar color to the one above, but as chalkboard paint, and ask my oh-so-talented mother-in-law to draw a tree similar to the one above with white chalk, adding some pastel leaves. Then, we could change and add to the drawing whenever we felt like it! I could definitely sew my own curtains, bumper, and bed skirt, use an old-fashioned hand-me-down crib from the in-laws, get a glider from craigslist (or maybe as a gift?) and we’re set! Oh, well, I will have to talk my husband into building this as well:
From my new favorite blog, Knock-Off Wood
She has the plans on her blog for free! You (or my husband) can build something that looks exactly like this one which retails for $1399 at Pottery Barn:
The BIY (build-it-yourself) version would cost maybe $500! 
So, I was originally hoping to really start TTC (trying to conceive) in June, but with our Australia trip coming up in the beginning of July…. what do you think of Sydney as a name for a baby girl? It would be cool to conceive down under!

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