Review In Short: The Back-up Plan

19 May
Tonight, a few friends and I went to dinner and a movie. I was worried it would be another stupid chick flick and I would have wasted my hard earned dough, but it was actually really quite hilarious!

My favorite character was the boston terrier that walked with the help of a wheelchair. When they talked to him, he cocked his head, just like our puggle, Ruby.

We were all laughing out loud throughout most of the movie. I thought maybe it was just me who thought it was so funny, but my friends really enjoyed it as well. There was just one part that rubbed me the wrong way…

In this scene, the main character, Zoe, is in a single mom’s group. One of the members is having a baby and they invite her to attend the home birth. Do you know how I feel about birth? No? Well this scene depicted the home/water birth as some crazy hippie exorcism. In the above photo, you can see that one woman is playing a drum and signing. Zoe got chosen as the “focal point” for the mother and therefore couldn’t walk away. The woman birthing was bleating like a goat and yelling at everyone around her. I admit, it was a funny scene, but mostly because it was so ridiculous and unrealistic.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that Zoe is dancing and acting totally normal when her water breaks and then she immediately starts having contractions. She is rushed to the hospital where she screams and pushes the baby out while lying on her back surrounded by doctors and monitors. This is considered the “normal” way to give birth. The “sane” way.

I know they are making a movie based on the book The Art of Racing In the Rain, which I wrote about here. In the book, the woman has a very peaceful home birth with two midwives while her husband is away racing cars. I really hope they leave that in the movie and show the world was a real home birth can look and feel like (well not literally, sorry to emotionally scar you).

What movie has surprised you lately?

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