If we took a holiday..

1 Jun

took some time to celebrate…

I really love me some old school Madonna…

This last weekend was a holiday weekend for just about everyone! Except those who work in restaurants… and grocery stores… and malls…

Well, for me, it was a FOUR day weekend. Did you get that? I had four glorious days off. Why? Furlough. So, I didn’t get paid for Friday, but did that stop me from enjoying every minute of this extra day off? No sir-eeee.

On Friday, I laid in bed ALL DAY. Seriously. It was as if I had some deadly illness. I got up for food and that is about it. Around 5pm, my mom told me she would be picking me up to go to dinner and then to my little brother’s play. That is when I got up, showered, got dressed, and finally saw the light of day.

 Here is Teddy demonstrating my laziness. 

The dogs also stayed in bed (with me) all day. I’m convinced they sleep the whole time we’re at work. Oh, and my brother was SO stinkin’ adorable in 42nd Street. He played Oscar, the piano player… OMG was he cute.

Saturday was all about visiting with friends and family. I went to my friend’s house and held her sweet baby girl, then I kidnapped her (my friend, not the baby) and we went outlet shopping. Everything at Gap and Banana Outlet was 40% off. By everything I mean THE WHOLE STORES. Plus, I had coupons which they let me use on top of it all…. it was epic. I only bought 4 things, though: one sweater, one jacket (for Australia – it will be winter there when we go) and one pair of earrings for me, and one shirt for my husband (I think he hates it).

Beautiful baby Eva gave her daddy a tough time while we were gone, but slept peacefully when we got back…

Then my aunt, her husband, and their two beautiful baby boys came over to my mom’s for dinner. We had a great time catching up and watching the boys toddle around.

Here’s Nathan eating his first lemon. I tried to get a good “ick” face (favorite past-time of my friend Roxanne), but he LOVED it!!

Sunday was cleaning day. I didn’t finish the whole house like I had hoped, but I got the main rooms done: living room, kitchen, master bedroom. About five minutes after I vacuumed, the wood floors had a nice new layer of dog hair. My life is so FULL of dog hair. I also started designing our wedding album. I know, I know, we have been married a year already and I’m just now putting together my album? Well, we had amazing photographers, but we just couldn’t afford to order an album from them. However, they give a disk of all the hi-res images on the couple’s one year anniversary, which we just got on Friday. So, now that I have the images, I can start making my own album on the cheap.

I think we’re going to go with the Madison from Picaboo.
I totally understand why albums are so expensive through the photographer. It is a whole lotta work. I probably spent 2 hours selecting and arranging photos on Sunday and haven’t even gotten half way through.
Monday was, of course, Memorial Day. We celebrated by gardening. DUDE – gardening is really hard. Usually my husband takes care of all the outside business, but this time I wanted to help plant the flowers and veggies. While he worked way longer and harder than I did, I woke up this morning completely unable to move. Everything is sore. I really hope all the stuff we planted (pumpkin, jalepenos, watermelon, and petunias) actually stays alive and grows!
I want to make some kind of signs like these for all our veggies – from Etsy seller GlazedOver.
We already have some pretty good-looking tomato plants growing alongside our favorite herbs: basil and cilantro. The dwarf orange and lime trees my husband bought haven’t given us any fruit yet and we’ve had them for over a year, but we’re hoping that this is the season…
I am so glad I had that extra day off so I could have just one lazy day. I feel like weekends get so full of errands and activities. I never have a day to just do nothing. I try to cherish those days because I know they will be impossible once we have a baby.
How did you spend your holiday weekend?

One Response to “If we took a holiday..”

  1. rox falling June 2, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    Friday night I went to dinner with Michelle and her family to celebrate her 27th, then we opened presents and then went to Zins. Saturday I was in recovery most of the day. I went to lunch with my dad and then watched the LAKERS beat the Suns!!! Sunday I laid out on Michelle's porch and took a nap. Monday I went for a run and then went to the Haley's for a bbq.:D

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