Some questions and answers

22 Jun

What do you think are the keys to the Lakers getting a victory in game 7?

  1. I always tell my husband to be positive during a game. I don’t think it really makes a difference, but at least he’ll stop yelling at the tv.
    amyc83 answered 1 minute Ago
  2. Delete your response
    do you have any regrets?
    Not really. The only things would be money-related. I wish I had been more careful with money when I was in college and I wish I would have bought a cheaper car when I got my first teaching job.
    amyc83 answered one week ago
  3. Delete your response
    when you guys finally have babies who do you think will do the disciplining in your house, you or your husband?
    This is a great question! I can tell you from experience (hey, we have 2 dogs… parenting practice) that I am definitely more strict and my husband will give in much more easily. However, I am more maternal (duh) and tend to “coddle” as he calls it. If our baby falls down and hurts him or herself, I’ll be the one to pick him or her up and wipe away the tears. He’d like to toughen them up (pretty typical for a father, right?).
    amyc83 answered one week ago
    Ask me anything here!

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