Down Under: Day One

18 Jul

We left on Thursday evening, spent 16 hours on a plane (14.5 hour flight, plus 1.5 hours waiting for them to find someone’s bag who was not going to make his connection), and arrived in Sydney, Australia on Saturday morning. We just skipped over Friday.

The plane ride wasn’t too horrible, despite the fact that my finger was of sausage proportions (remember my bee sting as I took Teddy on his last walk?) and every hour or so I would have to raise my hand above my head and wiggle my fingers because it felt like my pinkie was going to explode. Between hand exercises, I slept and was so jealous that my husband had taken some happy pills and was able to sleep much easier. The only thing I took was a benedryl, which didn’t help my finger, but did make me a bit sleepy. I also watching four movies on the flight: Dear John (lame), It’s Complicated (entertaining), Date Night (dumb), and This Is It (hoo hoo!).

Customs was super easy, even when they drilled me about the thousand medications I brought. Seriously, I brought at least 10 different meds…

Our hotel is amazing. Really nice. Here is our room.

And the view…

After showering and having some free breakfast (the room comes with one free breakfast everyday and we sort of share), we were ready to see a bit of the city. First, we walked around our hotel and checked out the many shops and cafes. It is much like a combination between downtown LA and Beverly Hills.

Once we had an idea of what the area was like, we were ready for lunch and asked the concierge where we should go. He sent us to Darling Harbour (where the Real World Australia house was located).

We had lunch and walked around the harbour, dodging seagulls and enjoying the scenery.

By this time, our feet were begging for mercy as we’re not used to so much walking. We decided to head back to the hotel and get some rest before meeting my husband’s coworkers for dinner. After dinner (Italian), we went to Marble Bar for a drink. Not being used to the time change and still recovering from the 14+ hour flight, we made it an early night and went straight to bed. I slept like a baby, my husband, on the other hand…

Stay tuned for Down Under: Day Two!

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