Down Under: Day Two, Part 2

20 Jul

When I left off, we were just finishing up at the Sydney Aquarium.

Hold on, I must tell you. I linked to my last blog post on twitter and the Sydney Aquarium responded telling me not to worry about the turtles. They said that “wedging” is a natural behavior when resting in safety. I believe that this is a natural behavior, but I also think that huge turtle would be so much happier swimming freely in the open ocean. You see, my love of turtles stems back to a middle school obsession, but my love of sea turtles comes from a trip to Hawaii a few years ago when my husband and I were swimming in the ocean right in front of our hotel and a wild sea turtle swam right up to this big rock and began biting chunks off of it. I put on a snorkel and watched him from just a few feet away. It was amazing. While I appreciate aquariums and zoos, lately I have been thinking about animal rights more and more. This is a topic for another post, though. Back to the Australia recaps.

We left the aquarium and took the train (subway) to Circular Quay (pronounced key).

Then we headed over to the Rocks where my husband’s coworkers were hanging out. Lucky us, they were having an outdoor market that day!

We shopped and people-watched and fell in love with this part of Sydney.

The old buildings and narrow cobble stone streets were so charming, we were ready to move there!

We took a short walk up to the Harbour Bridge and got a great view of the famous Sydney Opera House.

We looked down and there was a wedding beginning on this grassy area overlooking both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

There was a bit of rain, but what a lovely location for a wedding!

Next, we headed to the Opera Bar at the Opera House. On the way, I felt something hit my head…

Yes, that is bird poop. Seagull poop, no doubt. Those darn birds are everywhere. Luckily, I had some antibacterial wipes in my purse and my husband was able to get it all off for me.

The Opera Bar has an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge.

Group photo of my husband, me, and some of his coworkers.

After a couple of drinks, we went back to the hotel and then out for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring the camera, but we went to China Doll at Woolloomooloo Bay.

Amazing view and even better food. For all you Californians, think PF Changs, but even fancier.

The next morning, my husband was off to his first day of work and I was off to explore on my own. Stay tuned!

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