Down Under: Day 12, Part 2

7 Aug

After Featherdale, it was time to head up to the beautiful blue mountains.

This was the first lookout we stopped by. The rock formation in the foreground was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Then, we drove by this wild emu. He’s just hanging out (the fence isn’t keeping him in, it is keeping us out).

Wild kangaroos!! Don’t see them? Click on the picture and it will open bigger. See them now? Cool, right? That’s just on the side of the road!

At another lookout we saw this pretty waterfall, though it is hard to be impressed by this after spending much of my childhood at Yosemite.

Beautiful blue mountains! The blue haze is a result of the eucalyptus oil from the trees reflecting the light from the sky.

They call this formation the Three Sisters.

Another waterfall… small, but pretty.

Cockatoos are everywhere!

A couple other passengers and I chose to walk down the 700+ stairs to the bottom of the forrest instead of taking the thingamajig that can take you down there. My legs were very shaky!

Enchanted forrest.

Do faeries live here?

Treetops! Feels like a rain forrest!

There was no way we were hiking back up those (extremely steep) 700+ steps, so we took the steepest train in the world back to the top.

I have no pictures after this because I was so terrified and made one of the travelers hold me. I’m completely serious. This older woman linked arms with me and we went backwards up this very steep incline. We weren’t strapped in and were being lifted with a counterweight that we saw creaking back and forth a few minutes earlier. It was terrifying.

The tour guide dropped us off at the ferry which took us back into the city.

The view was gorgeous at night with all the lights, but we were moving too fast for me to take a decent picture. This was the best I could do.

After the ferry ride, I took the subway by myself (at night!!) and went straight to bed. I was tired!

Up next: Our last few days down under!

One Response to “Down Under: Day 12, Part 2”

  1. KatherineBee August 11, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    There is nothing on God's green earth that would have gotten me on that hill.

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