Live like a Native American

17 Aug

I’ve always admired the Native American way: using all parts of an animal, worshiping nature, passing down stories through oral tradition, etc. Now that I’m becoming more aware of how I treat the planet, including the animals that live in it, I have an urge to live like the people who were the original Americans.

A blog I follow (and love) posted about this book of photographs of families with the food they consume in one week. It is quite astonishing.

Here is a family from California with their week’s worth of food:

This family of 4 spends an average of $160 per week for their diet of mostly processed foods.

This family of 15 from Mali spends about $27 per week on food. No boxes or colorful packaging here. Doesn’t it make you feel wasteful to see what this family lives off of?

This family of 6 (or 7, not sure if the person in the background is part of the family) from Guatemala spends about $76 per week. Look at how many vegetables they eat! I would love my diet to look more like this.

I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater. I have this weird rule about always having something green on the plate when I cook, but I’m human. I get lazy and sometimes I eat fast food. I know I won’t ever be as healthy as I want to be, but I know that being conscious of the food I purchase and consume is on very important step. Who knows? One day I might live like the Beekmans (my life goal) and have a farm of my own!

All photos from Time.

One Response to “Live like a Native American”

  1. Jakeandjess September 8, 2010 at 2:33 am #

    so interesting! i've heard about this somewhere before, but thanks for posting! reminds me to bring my bags with me while shopping and to hit up the farmers markets whenever possible !

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