Design Fantasy: Master Bedroom

26 Sep
Since the master bedroom is the room that will most likely be made over if we get on the new hgtv show Secrets from a Stylist, this is the only fantasy that really matters. Our bedroom is also the most unfinished room in the house. The furniture is a mix of hand-me-downs and Ikea crap and nothing really fits together. We loved our fancy registry bedding when we first got it, but since we let the dogs sleep on the bed (I know, we need to stop that), the bedding has deteriorated (it also has some bleach spots on it from when we had someone clean our house a couple of times – oops). The room itself is nice and big with a fireplace. The paneling on the walls is painted white and we painted the beams on the ceiling a dark brown to try to make them look like wood. Our dear friend gave us a ceiling fan/light fixture from her parent’s lighting store, DeLightville, but the electrical is not installed though the attic, so we have a strip going down one of the walls to hide the cord.
Here is the room now:
And now for the beautiful bedroom inspiration:
This is my absolute favorite bedroom, from Design Sponge. I love the canopy bed frame and the blue and brown color combo. There are natural beams in this room which make it feel rustic, but the light fixture keeps it modern.

I also love this Design Sponge room with the paneled ceiling, pretty bed linens, and mirrors on either side of the bed. The tree trunk nightstands go with the tree theme that our wedding was centered around. We’d love to bring that element into our bedroom as well.

This room, also from Design Sponge is nice and bright. It has grey walls, my new favorite wall color, and I like the green accents (though it may be a little too much green for me).

This is Ian’s room from The Brass Petal. Did I mention that Ian is the co-creator of Glee and one of Emily’s good friends? That’s why she did his house for her special – it was like an extra long first episode of her new show, the show we might be on. I love the tufted headboard and the cool sideboard with the tiny drawers. The carpet reminds me of an old school library or something, so I don’t really like that, but I do kind of want carpet in our bedroom. We have light bamboo floors in there now that don’t match the rest of the house and I kind of hate them.

This studio apartment from The Brass Petal is a bedroom/living room combo and I really love it. I would love some kind of comfy seating area in our bedroom near the fireplace to curl up and read a book or blog on my (imaginary) laptop. Again, the tufted headboard, beams, and blue/brown color palate are calling my name.

I’ve always wanted a canopy of sheer fabric around my bed. This room from The Brass Petal feels so breezy and makes me want to take a nap there.

While I can’t imagine painting the walls brown, this room from The City Sage is still bright and airy. I can imagine myself plopping down here after a long day.

Lonny Mag is a new discovery, found via The Brass Petal. I love this room, but there might be too much white in it for us. I’d love some more contrast.

Another one from Lonny Mag, this room has the beams and white walls, but doesn’t feel cold in the least. I really like the rug and metal frame bed.

This room, again from Lonny Mag, is sophisticated and, dare I say, sexy. The bed looks like it might be too big for our room, but I love the modern feel of it. That wood carving above the bed is also really interesting… I’d love something similar, but maybe a bit more toned down.

There you have it! My complete Secrets From A Stylist design fantasy! Missed something? Here are the previous posts: Office, Guest Room/Nursery, Living/Dining Room.

One Response to “Design Fantasy: Master Bedroom”

  1. Peggy Gonzales September 26, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    They are all beautiful, but I love the first one.

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