Change is GOOD

3 Oct

While we didn’t get to make all of our Halloween decorations ourselves like I had wanted to (sorry Martha), we spent our Saturday doing something much better. We worked like dogs on the yard and put some finishing touches on the house (aka shoved some crap in closets) and then Emily came over to talk “style” with us.

She is so incredible nice and real and beautiful. We decided that designing our Living/Dining room would make the biggest impact and we are SO excited to see what she comes up with. They keep saying “this isn’t set in stone, we’ll know for sure on Monday” but I’m thinking it is pretty much a go at this point.

I’ll share more about our meeting tomorrow, as she told me to wait until Monday to blog about anything, but for now, some photos of the decorating I did today. I bought tombstones at the dollar store instead of making them because a) my husband and I were both too hungover today – too much celebrating and b) this is the last weekend we have to decorate before Halloween that isn’t already packed with commitments.

It definitely doesn’t compare to Martha, but I like it.

Yay! I love Halloween! Oh, and I decided that our fat puggle Ruby will be the very hungry caterpillar for Halloween (I’ll make her a costume) and I will be a butterfly! Not sure what my husband and Jackson will be, though… ideas??

One Response to “Change is GOOD”

  1. Laura allen October 3, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    Cute! Scott wanted to decorate this weekend but we will be out of town the next two weekends in a row so I said we should it during the week mid month. I love decorating for Halloween and going to the pumpkin patch!!

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