Design Fantasy: Faux Fireplace

8 Oct

Before I get into the fireplaces, an update: we probably won’t be shooting until January. This makes me a bit sad because I was SO looking forward to having our beautiful new room for the holidays this year. One of the things we asked for was some type of fake fireplace with a mantle just so I could hang our Christmas stockings up in the living room instead of our bedroom, but if the scheduling stays the way it is, we won’t be able to enjoy that this year. Sad face. I’m not truly sad, though, because our room is being styled by someone I adore and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.

Back to the fireplaces…

Originally, my husband and I had discussed something like this:

It is an electric fireplace that is turned on with a light switch and doesn’t require a chimney. We thought this was the best option for us because a real fireplace wouldn’t be possible where we’d want to put it. We talked about setting the TV into the wall above the fireplace so it didn’t stick out so much like it does now. Then, I started seeing things like this on the design blogs I read:

 (two images about from design sponge)
These images feature beautiful mantles without the fire. I love this idea!
Yesterday, I was reading Emily’s blog and came across this picture:
See that mantle? See what’s inside instead of fire? A TV!! I could tell she wasn’t super excited to have to include a TV into our living room design. TVs are like cryptonite (sp?) for interior designers. They kill their creative buzz. But this? This is a win for all! We could even get one of those cheesy yule-log DVDs and play it  whenever we want to have a nice fire and the mantle can be reserved for pretty mantle-like things: art, family photos, antique mirror, candlesticks… I really wish we were getting this before Christmas…
Which type of faux fireplace do you like best?

One Response to “Design Fantasy: Faux Fireplace”

  1. The Sweetest One Over The Moon January 10, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    OMG we were just talking about making our own faux fireplace and I came across this post. I so love your blog and ideas!xoxo, TSO OTM

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