Design Fantasy: Chandeliers

12 Oct

I’ve said before that I obsess over everything. Even though we probably won’t be filming Secrets from a Stylist until January, I can’t stop thinking about it and imagining the amazing things she is going to do to our space. Today, I saw this post on The City Sage and it got me thinking about chandeliers.

When Emily was at our house a couple of weekends ago, she commented that we didn’t have any light fixtures. I had to pause a moment and think about that one because we have recessed lighting (really good lighting that makes my engagement ring sparkle all crazy) all throughout the space. However, I guess we don’t have any decorative lighting, which led me to suggest that she put a chandelier above our dining table. At that point she was probably thinking, “well, duh!” but I was just thinking aloud… and feeling embarrassed that we didn’t already have something there.

My inspiration is all over the place on this one. It  goes from very vintage and old world like this one:

To something more traditional and classic like this:
And then we have a classic style with a twist in this one that adds an unexpected pop of color:

This next one is in a living room, but could easily hang above a dining table. It is a bit more modern than those above, but it still has an air of tradition:

I did tell Emily that my style leans toward modern without going over the edge. These next three chandeliers from West Elm are really beautiful and have that modern-but-not-too-modern feel:

The one above is made of glass ovals linked together. So lovely.

While this one would probably be better in a corner rather than above the dining table, I love the delicate feel of it (and maybe we’ll get something like this in the living room half of our space).

That last one is my favorite of all, I think. It is delicate and reflects light without being gaudy and I love the rectangular shape to match the shape of a long rectangular table.

Which chandelier is your favorite?

2 Responses to “Design Fantasy: Chandeliers”

  1. Jakeandjess October 13, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    lovin' number 1 or 3! guess it depends on what type of look she goes for though right?

  2. Genavee October 13, 2010 at 11:49 pm #

    The more traditional ones do have a lovely elegance, but I love the clean lines and slight unexpectedness of the more modern ones. A normal chandelier is so expected it's easy to overlook, while something different makes more of an impact. Or I think that's how it works anyways.

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