Camping in Joshua Tree

30 Oct

Last weekend, we packed up the dogs and headed out to Joshua Tree to get our camp on. We were hoping to score a campsite at Jumbo Rocks, but it was full by the time we got there. We had to settle for Cottonwood, the farthest campground from the main entrance. Our friends Paul and Jackie met us there with Marlowe, Jackson’s brother.

The first night there was a full moon which made seeing in the dark much easier.

Pretty sunset on the first night in Joshua Tree.

We took a little walk the next morning and realized why the rangers don’t want dogs on the trails.

They were covered in stickers my the time we were done. Their poor little paws had huge thorns embedded in them.

Jackie climbing the sloped rock.

Paul and Jackie during our game of dominoes. Jackie won, despite not really knowing how to play. Damn beginners luck.

My husband was trying to get a peek of my dominoes, little cheater.

After that game, I decided to read while the rest played cards. It was really warm in the morning, but got pretty chilly in the afternoon/early evening. I was so glad I got a new jacket (on sale at Old Navy) for the trip!

Ruby was on Jackie’s team.

Then she joined me while I read. I always bite the side of my cheek (and my husband likes to take pictures of me making stupid faces).

Family photo! Wow, I could have used some makeup…

Believe it or not, this is the sunrise, not sunset. While the sunsets were kind of disappointing, the sunrises were incredible. I got up early the second morning to catch a glimpse.


My husband cuddled Ruby for warmth. See those sock with sandals? Sexy.

All the pups wanted to cuddle.

Our camping coffee percolator. It takes forever!! I spent each morning staring at that thing waiting for the coffee to be ready.

Brothers: Marlowe and Jackson.

I enjoyed camping in Joshua Tree, but I don’t think I’d go back for many years. I prefer woodsy or beach camping to camping in the desert. If we went back, I’d love to get a spot at Jumbo Rocks instead of way out at Cottonwood (though the running water and flushing toilets were very nice).

What is your favorite camping spot?

One Response to “Camping in Joshua Tree”

  1. MICHELLE October 30, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

    Looks like fun Amy! I would love to go camping with you guys sometime. Let me know!

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