1 Dec

I subscribe to 72 blogs in my Google Reader. That’s a whole lotta daily reading. Today, Princess Lasertron posted about her new blog journaling project called Radvent 2010. I do love a good writing assignment, so I thought I’d give it a try once she posts the first prompt tomorrow. Then, blog friend Ali of His Birdie’s Nest posted about joining #reverb10 and I thought, “That sounds awfully familiar…”

After checking out last year’s version of reverb, called #best09, I decided to join the other 700+ bloggers in an attempt to “reflect on this year and manifest what’s next.”


Want to join me? The plan is this:
1. Sign up on the #reverb10 site and check daily for prompts.
2. Blog about said prompts – can be a picture, just a sentence, or a super long and ramble-y post.
3. Tweet with the hashtag #reverb10 and link to your post.
4. Gain inspiration from other bloggers by reading their #reverb10 posts.
5. Finish off 2010 with a ka-bang!

I’m excited to get started tomorrow and hope you can join me on this adventure!

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