Why I love Christmastime…

24 Dec

My husband is really excited for Christmas. He hasn’t been able to sleep the past few nights. Whenever he starts talking about it and getting all giddy, I look at him like he’s crazy. I’m not really that excited for Christmas Day.

Now before you call me Scrooge, hear me out…

My favorite time of year is the holidays. I anxiously await the day after Thanksgiving so I can start blasting Christmas music in my car.

I beg my husband to agree to putting up the tree as early as possible. I’m obsessed with Christmas lights.

I have to have mistletoe. I love shopping on Black Friday, even if we don’t buy anything. I love watching The Nutcracker and Elf and Love Actually and White Christmas.

I love doing our Christmas cards and displaying the ones we receive.

I don’t really love Christmas Day. I don’t look forward to opening gifts all year as some of my friends do. I get overwhelmed with all the people and (as I have been cooking for 12+ the past two years) I get stressed out. I also don’t like the season to be over. It is so depressing. Usually we go to the snow for new years, which extends the fun holiday-season feeling, but we aren’t able to do that this year.

However, we do have something awesome to look forward to after the new year…

Emily is coming in about 3 and a half weeks!!! I can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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