Happy New Year!

3 Jan

I hope you had a great time ringing in the new year. We sure did. My husband and I decided to keep out celebration to just the two of us (and our dogs) this year. I really wanted to go to the snow, but it just wasn’t possible for us this year. However, I had a great time staying here and I might venture to say it was my favorite NYE to date. We got dressed up and walked down to our favorite sushi joint where we treated ourselves to all of our favorite sushi and rolls, plus a couple of new things. Then, we walked home and made these amazing desserts, inspired by those seen on Oprah this week:

We soaked some strawberries and blueberries in champagne for an hour or so. Then, we layered said champagne-soaked berries with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It was DE-licious. So good. I want to soak all my fruit in champagne.

I though I wasn’t going to make it until midnight as I was really full and sleepy, but I managed to stay awake until 12:30! Go me! It was a great New Years Eve and I’m so happy I got to share it with my amazing husband.

The next morning I got breakfast in bed (I told you my husband was amazing) and watched the Rose Parade on HGTV. Did I mention they’re coming in two very short weeks?? Well they are. Last week I went to the gym six days in a row. New Years Day was my one day off and today I was back in the gym. I haven’t really been dieting, but I promise I’m going to start that tomorrow. I’m thinking low carb, but also low fat. We’ll see if I can handle it. I’m not so good at dieting…

My husband went to a hockey game with a friend last night, so I went over to my parents’ for dinner. They bought live crab and it totally freaked me out!

I was very disturbed with how much they were wiggling around and couldn’t watch as they put them in the pot of boiling water. I didn’t have a problem eating them, though…

For dessert, we re-created the layered champagne berry delights, but added some sparklers!

I plan on having this same dessert as often as possible.

With just two weeks until filming, I have a whole lotta stuff to get done. I’ll post a list of everything I need to do and update as I check stuff off.

How was your NYE and NYD? Do you have a quiet celebration or a big loud crazy one?

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. joy January 4, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    ha, i went on a crazy low carb, low fat thing before we taped too. and i NEVER diet. this was the only time (other than our wedding) that i cut out my daily dessert! (well, worth it though ;P)

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