Back To School

10 Jan

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I know, I know, I’m very lucky, blah blah blah. I picked a great career where I get amazing benefits, but I’m not ready to deal with teenagers all day yet. I don’t want to wake up early tomorrow and pack a lunch and deal with traffic. I just want to sleep in, go to the gym, organize some more, and cook yummy meals. I really want to be a housewife. Maybe one day I’ll get there…

I have gone to the gym 8 out of the last 8 days. Before that, I went 6 out of 7. I plan to go tomorrow as well because I won’t be able to go Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. However, I will still exercise those days by walking the dogs. FYI – I’m not some hardcore crazy exercise person. When I say “go to the gym” it means I go and take a class – and not those crazy spin classes, I take the low key ones like yoga, pilates, or core fusion. Don’t get me wrong, I usually sweat buckets and am sore just about everyday, but once in a while I’ll get a yoga instructor that wants to take it easy. I still love it, though. It is so great for my mind, as well as my body. I am seeing a real difference, not in the way that I look, but in the way that I feel. I look forward to taking class at the gym and my overall mood is much better. I feel happy and in balance, which is my major goal for this year.

The main reason I don’t want to go back to work is because I feel like I still have so much to do before filming next week. NEXT WEEK! I can’t believe it.

Here’s a little list update, not that you care – I like to update it for myself to keep me motivated.

House things…
1. Take down Christmas
2. Organize desk and office closet
3. Organize master bedroom closet (husband’s stuff)
4. Organize guest bedroom closet (my stuff) – ALMOST DONE!!
5. Empty writing desk – my husband wants me to keep his things in there, but I’m so tempted to throw it all out 
6. Organize entertainment center
8. Clean out telephone junk drawer
9. Organize coat closet and upper cabinet
10. Clean out refrigerator/freezer
11. Organize bar junk drawers
12. Organize kitchen cabinets
13. Organize laundry room
14. Organize hall closet
15. Organize mail sorter
17. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN – I will be getting help with this from a wonderful woman who cleans in exchange for tutoring for her son, but I will be helping because I need every nook and cranny to be spotless

And my dumb vain things…
1. Manicure with gel color (so it will last the whole week)
2. Eyebrow tint and wax *appointment made*
3, Hair cut and color *appointment made*
4. Outfit planning (3 days of filming means 3 cute and flattering outfits)
5. Makeup lesson (from my friend who did my makeup for my wedding) *appointment made*
6. Teeth whitening (at home with strips)
7. Diet *CSA veggies are helping*
8. Exercise *going to the gym every single day*
9. Magic dog training *wish us luck*

Today when I was cleaning out my closet (my husband and I have separate closets in different rooms, if you couldn’t tell from the list – we still sleep in the same room, but it is so nice to have my own space to get ready in the morning), I found at least 20 different pictures frames, some in the original packaging. 

I’m a frame hoarder. I decided I’m going to leave them out in the guest room and tell Emily to use them if she wants. Why do I collect frames? No idea. I’ll see one on sale for really cheap and buy it, thinking I’m going to use it for something, but I never do. I also have some with pictures from when I lived with my parents that I’ve never changed. I’m usually so good at getting rid of things, but apparently frames are my weakness.

I’m taking a book to bed tonight because I’ve been having a really hard time falling asleep. My mind just keeps racing about all the stuff I have to get done and where the dogs will stay the week of filming and what I’m going to wear and what I’m going to say and how it’s all going to look. I’m really glad I have something to look forward to, though, as it makes going back to work a little bit easier.

ONE WEEK!!! It is really happening!

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