Crazy Dream!

20 Jan

The first part of my crazy dream last night was all about the home makeover. They did the whole house, including the front and back. They even seemed to move the house to a place where there was an amazing view out the back windows, much like the house where we filmed the style diagnostic on Tuesday. Our kitchen was completely redone and totally amazing. There was a wet bar in the living room, but no TV, which we seemed to be ok with. That would never happen in real life.

Then the dream morphed into another one where we were looking at our dogs and realized that the dog we thought was Ruby was actually a white fluffy dog. Jackson was himself, but Ruby had been replaced. We realized that she must have gotten switched with another person’s dog when we moved from our apartment – no idea where this came from. We found the lady who did the switching and asked her about Ruby and she said she just let her go on the street. I was very angry and actually punched her in the face. This is SO not like me, but it happened in the dream and I made her bleed. My mom and I looked everywhere for Ruby, even at this restaurant that served grilled dog (ew), but we couldn’t find her.

Then, as I was eating some very sticky candy, some of my teeth fell out and crumbled to pieces.

I’m guessing this means I’m having a little anxiety about all this. What’s your analysis of my dream?

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