SFAS Filming: Day Two

21 Jan

The first reveal!

I was really nervous for this one, mostly because it was my style layer and I felt a lot of pressure to react the “right” way, whatever that means. I should have worked a half day because it would have given me something to occupy my mind instead of worrying all day.

Some things were totally amazing. Some things were kind of strange. Some things were down right shocking.

One thing I have realized about this experience is that it is first and foremost a TV show. Yes, we get free stuff out of this deal, but this is also going to cost us. Our electricity bill will no doubt skyrocket after all those lights and gear have been plugged in all day every day. We will need to make some changes to other parts of the house fairly quickly because this one room kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.

I knew I would be speechless and I was. I was in shock at first and I had a hard time processing all the change in my brain. What the producers and director and designer don’t really seem to understand (they might totally understand this, but it didn’t come across that way) is that this is our home. We don’t just live in this one room, we live in the whole house. So, when I see the room look COMPLETELY different than it did a few days ago, I’m not just thinking about that one room; I’m thinking about the entryway and the hallway and the kitchen and all the other rooms in the house and how we’re going to get everything to look cohesive.

Don’t get me wrong. I am really super duper incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I’m so happy we get all of this amazing stuff for free. I absolutely love that Emily showcased a very special work of art in the space (this made me tear up!). She was also mindful about our dogs and chose things they won’t totally destroy immediately. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

I forgot to take outfit pictures, but I’m wearing the same outfit to work today (don’t sue me for wearing the same thing 2 days in a row), so I took some cell phone pics for you in my classroom before school started.

I couldn’t get my whole body in the picture at one time, sorry. I wore a teal sweater, black tank with sparkles, skinny jeans, and grey (or gray? I never know which is the right spelling) boots.

The final reveal is tomorrow and I just know it is going to be awesome. I can’t wait!

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