SFAS Filming: Day Three

24 Jan

The final reveal!!!

I was really nervous for this one. I felt a bit of pressure to react the “right” way, whatever that is, and was trying to keep my energy up even though I was exhausted from going to my in-laws the night before to get the dogs.

We did our reveal and oh man, it is so beautiful. I am sitting in my new living room right now and I can’t believe I get to live here. That Emily… she’s got talent. It is pretty amazing how she is able to make a room that feels so “us” while still surprising us on so many levels. So many of the choices she made are things we would never consider, but they work! It’s magic, I tell ya.

After we got to see our new space, the pups got to check it out! I was really nervous that they would misbehave and embarrass us big time, but they were actually really good! I hope they don’t cut them out, because it was kind of a pain to get them here in time for filming. Plus, they are part of our family and I’d be sad if they weren’t included!

So, what’s next? Well my honey has one LONG “do” list. First up is to try to skim coat the hallway and entryway to make the walls smooth and eliminate the awful texture. Second, painting those same areas plus the kitchen and office. Then, we start working on furniture and accessories for the kitchen, office, and master bedroom. The guest bedroom will be sort of in limbo until we have a baby on the way.

Emily told us she really wants to do a nursery. How awesome would it be if she came back??? I mentioned it to the producer and she laughed at me, but I think it is a great idea. They could review our living/dining room and show the changes we’ve made to the rest of the house. Then, she could do the nursery! It would be SO cool.

It was so great to see my friends and family today. Everyone loves what Emily did and they are all inspired to make some changes in their own homes! Be sure to start watching the new series Secrets from a Stylist, starting February 26th at 9pm. We don’t know which episode we will be yet, but when we find out, I will most definitely be shouting it from the rooftops! Or… eh… this blog.

One Response to “SFAS Filming: Day Three”

  1. Erika Ellis January 24, 2011 at 5:10 am #

    I love it, Amy! We keep talking about stuff we want to do now. It's true. It's a totally inspiring living room. 🙂 You're a lucky girl!

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