>Birthday Extravaganza: Part 2

10 Mar

>Missed something? Read Part 1 here.

After our lovely drive through the green hills into Paso Robles, we arrived at our hotel, The Bellasera. After being told our room wasn’t ready for check-in yet, we hung out in the lobby resting before our day of wine tasting. I think that maybe the receptionist felt bad for us because he called my husband over and told him that they had upgraded us to a suite for free! It was available to check in, so we headed up to get settled.

The kitchen was nicer than our kitchen at home! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about that. I kept saying that I wished we were staying for longer than one night because I wanted to live there for a while.

It had a living room and a fireplace with a pretty good sized balcony. It definitely felt luxurious!

After we got settled, the front desk called to tell us that our drive was here to pick us up for our wine tasting. We have done the Grapevine tours in Temecula and San Ynez and had a great time, so my husband booked through them again. They’ll take your to 4 wineries and feed you lunch and even though it seems awkward to be hanging out with a bunch of strangers on the bus, by the second or third winery, everyone gets really friendly, if you know what I mean!

The first winery we visited was Doce Robles. It was a small winery, but the wines were pretty good. They had a big glass tank with two lizards and this guy was hanging out greeting all the guests.

It was such a beautiful day. We really got lucky with the weather as it snowed here the week before!

The second winery was Norman and that’s where we had lunch. I’ve noticed that I always expect these lunches to be kind of gross, but they are usually amazing! We both had the chicken cesear wrap and it came with a green salad, brie cheese with apples and crackers, and a brownie. We tasted wine while we ate which was great because we got to see how each one tasted with food.

My husband noticed pretty quickly that they had a horse shoe pit at this winery, so after lunch we headed up there to “throw shoes.”

Then, I got a bit silly…

America’s Next Dorky Model. That’s me!

The third winery was our least favorite. It was call Whalebone and the tasting room was home to four cats and this guy.

I really want one of these one day. A face only a mother could love!

The last winery was the one I was looking forward to all day: JUSTIN! I remember when I worked at this really fancy restaurant (actually it’s where I met my husband) and one of the Justin wines was the most expensive one we carried. If someone ordered it, you’d hear dollar signs.

These are some bottles of their award-winning wines. Want to see the price for these babies?

Yikes! Don’t worry, we purchased regular sized bottles of much less expensive wine.

This winery was definitely the nicest by far. They even have their own hotel!

A sweet German girl on our bus took these photos for us. I loved her accent.

With a serious buzz, we headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner!

Stay tuned…

One Response to “>Birthday Extravaganza: Part 2”

  1. Jenna March 11, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    >You look so happy in that picture of you in the vineyard! Happy belated birthday 🙂

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