>Television Debut

17 Mar

>The last few days have been incredibly stressful. You already know I got a RIF, aka pink slip, but yesterday I found out that even if it gets rescinded, the enrollment at my school is going down so much that they won’t have a position for me there next year. This means that, best case scenario, I will be put on a list of displaced teachers and I could be placed anywhere in the district. Since I’ve only been teacher for four years, other displaced teachers will be ahead of me in line and take the jobs at the decent schools and I’ll get whatever school is left. Basically, I need to find a job outside of the district no matter what. I’m trying to see it as an opportunity for growth, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful. If I could stay at my school, I would, but that isn’t an option at this point.

On to happier news, I was checking the HGTV website yesterday and saw that our episode is in the schedule with a little description. My husband doesn’t want me to tell anyone when it’s on because he’s nervous that we’ll look like fools, but I can’t keep it to myself.

From the website:

“Emily helps the Carters combine their clashing styles into one clean and contemporary look. A quick tour of the home and a style diagnostic determine this newlywed couple is a combination of Chic Boutique and Rustic American. With a concept in mind, Emily re-styles the Carters living/dining space, layer-by-layer. Her first look is inspired by the sophisticated feel of a boutique hotel. Clean lines, glossy textures and low-level furnishings create a sleek and savvy environment for this trendy young pair. For her second look, Emily incorporates a few rustic, colonial-style furnishings for a warmer, more all-American feel.”

The episode is titled “Mantique Minimalism” and will air April 2nd at 9pm. If you have DirecTV, you can watch it at 6pm on the west coast. Tell your friends!

3 Responses to “>Television Debut”

  1. MICHELLE March 17, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    >Awesome about the show!! I'm so excited to watch it! And I'm really sorry about the RIFs. Ugh. Alex actually said he thinks his school is hiring? I don't know if he actually knows what he is talking about. I'm sure good things are coming your way!!! Xoxo.

  2. rox March 17, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    >sorry about your job situation =/ xo

  3. Jakeandjess March 17, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    >Can't wait to see your episode! I think taking the RIF as an opportunity to make a good change is the best approach. I have some job news/changes coming my way as well.

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