>SFAS Recap: Here we go…

3 Apr

>When you’re on TV, people are going to hate you. I knew that, but I sort of forgot that I would see their comments on facebook, twitter, and the blogs. I’m pretty sensitive, so it is hard for me to take, but I use this blog as a means of therapy, so let’s talk it out, people.

Back in October, Emily came over to talk style with us. Initially, we applied for our master bedroom to be styled, but Emily thought our living/dining room needed more help. As her assistant measured the room, my husband and I went through magazines and flagged pictures that we liked. At one point during our conversation, Emily said that she would love to open up the wall between our kitchen and dining room. We were SO excited about this as it has been something we have wanted to do since we bought the house. She said she’d have to check with the producers and she’d let us know. I asked her about it again a month or two later and she said that it was a possibility, but probably wouldn’t happen. We also told her that we had been wanting to put in an electric fireplace and while she didn’t say, “Yes, you will for sure get one,” I felt, from her reaction, that we would. Lastly, she said that they would definitely do the entryway. She was very positive about that one.

Ok, now I love Emily. I’m probably her biggest fan. I think she is adorable and nice and real and so so good at what she does. When we had our meeting, she hadn’t filmed any of the episodes for the show yet, except her one special with her friend, Ian. She knew that there wasn’t supposed to be any major renovation, but she  didn’t know exactly where they’d draw the line. She also didn’t know that I’m pretty obsessive about planning and thinking through things and that I would convince myself that they were going to completely renovate our kitchen, as well. Oops. My bad.

The week of filming begins and we are kicked out of our house to sleep on an air mattress at my parents’ house. When we came back for the first day of filming, our house was not ours anymore. It was a set. We weren’t allowed to go into some of the rooms and had to ask permission to go to the bathroom. As soon as our part of filming was over, we had to leave because they had to start working right away. This was my first realization that this was not about us, it was all about TV. Yes, we are lucky and so very grateful, but they are making money off of us, too, right? They gave us free stuff, used our home at a set, didn’t pay actors, didn’t pay writers… there is a reason why reality TV is so popular. It is cheap and juicy. Ew…

Now that you have some background, next I’ll tell you about the style diagnostic and the reveals.

And did I mention how incredibly grateful we are? Well, we are. And we love Emily. And HGTV. And Tricon Films.

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