>SFAS Recap: Look One

6 Apr

>Was it really that awkward? Yes, yes it was.

Here’s what we left our house looking like…

And here’s what it looked like when we came back…

And here’s our reaction…

I looked like I was trying to hide behind my husband!

Here’s what was going through my mind:

  • Wow, the walls are dark (and smooth – yay!) and all the furniture is white.
  • Bummer, they didn’t smooth or paint the entryway.
  • Ummm… they switched the rooms! Wait, I’m not sure if I’m ok with that.
  • Where’s the TV?
  • Our TREE!!!!! YAY!!!! Makes me want to cry, but…
  • There’s so much stuff everywhere! Stuff makes me anxious.
  • Oh, yeah, I’m being filmed. I should smile!
And when that much stuff is going through my little pea brain, I tend to not be able to talk. Before we went inside, they kept telling us that the worst thing we could do was to not say anything and at that moment, I couldn’t find any words.

When I said that I couldn’t imagine us living there, I meant that I couldn’t imagine our day to day life on the other side of the room by the windows. When we left, I told my husband we were switching the rooms back. We had planned to eventually open up the kitchen to the dining area and I thought that this new arrangement wouldn’t allow for that. I was worried about the hole in the ceiling from the chandelier on the wrong side of the room and I was sad we didn’t get the fireplace or entryway like we thought we would. However, at dinner that night, my husband convinced me that we should live with the room however it was for three months without changing anything.

Poor guy! They kept cutting away to this shot, making it seem like he was super angry. We realized while watching that this was probably during one of those times when we were waiting for something to happen and didn’t really realize the cameras were even rolling. He wasn’t even that upset! He didn’t like it, but I was way more freaked out by all the change than he was.
I thought Emily was mad at us. I emailed her that night and apologized for being so freaked out and she was really nice, but I definitely got the feeling that she wasn’t happy with how we reacted. I suppose we should have said something like “it’s really nice, but not for us,” but honestly? We didn’t like it for anyone. But does that mean we think Emily is a bad designer? NO WAY! She’s amazing!!! We’re just not that cool and don’t always “get” good design, you know?
Up next, the final reveal! I’ve got some amazing photos to share with you…

5 Responses to “>SFAS Recap: Look One”

  1. Our Little Beehive April 6, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    >Eeuh, you guys aren't on TV every day so it's not like you're pros. I thought it made for some good TV ;)I've had a cow-rug on my wish list forever and was in love with the one in your living room.

  2. Ali @ His Birdie's Nest April 6, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    >I can see how you would be disappointed with the result. I also, think Emily is a great designer, but I'm not drawn to a lot of the things she picked for this space. Maybe for someone else, but not after seeing your aesthetic before. It's not that you don't get good design, it's that design is very subjective and this wasn't what you expected.

  3. ALICE IN DESIGNLAND April 6, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    >So interesting to see the behind the scenes perspective. I just watched your episode/ Hopefully you were happy with the end product.

  4. Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com April 7, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    >It's a little contemporary for me too. I think that's the word to describe the room. Maybe if the plum walls were a light gray? You'd have to find a gorgeous and perfect shade of gray (not easy to do) Gray can be ugly! I agree with your hubby, try to live with it for at least 3 months before you change it. You may come up with something where you can work with some of the decor.I didn't see where I could follow you. Do you have a FB or Twitter? Hope you can hop by and visit me and let me know how to follow you:http://stylende

  5. Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com April 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    >Whoops! I cut off my link:http://stylendecordeals.blogspot.com/

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