>SFAS Recap: Final Look

8 Apr

>Our episode is online!! Watch it HERE.

When we came in for the final reveal, the room felt like a breath of fresh air…

 photo by Laure Joilet

So amazingly beautiful!! The chair rail and the white on the bottom half of the wall made the room feel so much larger. The curtains made it feel breezy and fresh and the valences were so unique.

  photo by Laure Joilet

The wooden furniture felt so much more “us” than all the white. The new chandelier was so simple and lovely and the candlesticks were the perfect mix of modern and rustic.

  photo by Laure Joilet
LOVE the bar cart. That print is one of my favorites! I commented on Emily’s blog post about it forever ago and she noticed and got it for us! Super cool.

photo by Laure Joilet
My husband is sort of a camera buff, so the collection was all for him. I love it so much, too, though! These accessories I love because they mean something. The thinker bookends are kind of random, but I still like them. And I love that she displayed a bunch of my art history books from college because they were expensive and filled with such beautiful pictures.

The couch is so comfy and SO dog friendly!! Stains wipe right off with water. We’ve tested it several times, believe me. With two dogs, one of which is only 9 months old, messes are unavoidable in our house.

We were so happy that the other members of our family, Jackson and Ruby, could join us for the last few minutes of filming. Thank you SO much to Laura and Scott for helping us out with the little rascals that day!
Awwww Ruby got a close-up!! What a love.
Stay tuned for some more details from the room!
Did you miss something?

One Response to “>SFAS Recap: Final Look”

  1. Amy April 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    I just watched your episode! You guys are so cute. I love the way the room turned out and I totally appreciate you blogging your experience…it was really neat to hear all the behind-the-scenes stuff!

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