Happy Father’s Day

19 Jun

To Jesus, my stepdad:

Thank you for always being there for me for the last 17 (can that be true?) years. You have been the best stepfather a girl could ask for.

To Don, my father-in-law:

Thank you for making me laugh and rarely laughing at my expense, though I know I am an easy target. You are an amazing father to my husband and a terrific grandfather to our nieces and I’m so proud to be part of your family.

To my husband, not a father yet, but a “wanna-be”:

Thank you for bringing so much laughter and joy to my life. I can’t wait to see where our lives take us and I know you will be an amazing dad.

Your stepdaughter,
your daughter-in-law, and
your wife…


**All photos courtesy of the best photographers on the planet, The Caldwells Photography**

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