Weekend Wrap-Up

20 Jun

This was my last weekend before summer break. After this week of work I have six and a half weeks off to sleep in, read, lesson plan, and play. I’m not anxious for this school year to end because I have to leave the school that has been my home for the last four years. I started my teaching career there and leaving is definitely bittersweet.

On Friday, we babysat Gracie, a three year old cutie with a brother on the way. She LOVES my husband and could probably care less if I came with him, but I think her parents prefer me to be there for bathroom trips and PJ changing. We played trains and watched Wonder Pets and read stories.

Saturday morning, we slept in late. Like almost 10am late. Usually my husband will get up early to feed the dogs and go to Home Depot and start some work around the house while I sleep in, but not this time. He did get up to feed the dogs, but he came back to bed and slept in with me. It was nice.

Even though he slept in, my husband still ended up taking a trip to Home Depot to get some pieces he needed to hook up the water to our new refrigerator. While I cleaned behind the old fridge, he hooked up the water and we made the switch. Then, I cleaned out the inside of the old fridge and stocked the new one.

After that, we took the dogs to the dog park before heading out for a festival of short films my husband had to go to for work. We ate at Umami burger first (YUM) and then sat through the most boring three hours of my life. The bar/lounge/theater it was held in was freezing cold, the chairs were terribly uncomfortable, and the films were awful. Well, most of them were. There were a couple that I liked, but mostly I wanted to be anywhere but there. I was happy to support my husband, but you can bet I won’t be going to another one of those for a looooong time.

On our way home, we both had a craving for some Mexican hot chocolate so we stopped at the grocery store and bought some Abuelita’s hot chocolate mix. I’d heard about it from someone on twitter and have been meaning to try it ever since. It was sooooooo good. Even my husband loved it and he’s not usually a big hot chocolate person. It will definitely be part of my nighttime routine from now on (or at least until it gets too hot outside).

Sunday, we both woke up early for a change and I made us omelets. I never make breakfast on the weekends because I’m not a morning person AT ALL, but my husband begged me to cook him breakfast for once since he’s always the one who gets stuck with the chore, so I did. It was yummy and it made my husband happy. Win win!

After breakfast, we headed out to Huntington Beach to hang out with our friends Paul and Jackie. These friends also happen to have Jackson’s brother, Marlowe and since Saturday was their first birthday, we had a little celebration.

Happy Birthday Pups!

Paul made some delicious steak sandwiches and grilled peach sundaes and Jackie showed us around town. The dogs had a blast, though we did leave poor Ruby at home, and it was nice that they got to see each other for their birthday.

We also got to see the house my husband grew up in:

Isn’t it amazing? And one block from the beach. I’m so jealous.

For dinner, we headed over to my parents’ house to celebrate father’s day. Jesus, my stepdad is a chef and, even though it was supposed to be his day to be pampered, he cooked so much amazing food for the family. This makes the card we got him so much more appropriate. Oh, and my mom and little brother also got him the same exact card. Great minds think alike, right?

sorry for the crappy phone pic

After eating enough food for five family dinners, we played Life until we couldn’t take it anymore. I think we lasted until about 9pm.

Overall it was a great weekend! How was yours?

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