Summer Vacation Day 4

22 Jul

On our last morning of camping, we packed up our gear and said goodbye to the birds who had spent the last few days trying to steal our food at any opportunity.

We were heading toward the bay area and decided to stop in Monterey for breakfast on the way. This was a last minute decision, so I used my phone to google “best breakfast in Monterey” and was led to this review for The Old Monterey Cafe on Trip Advisor.

It was gross. It wasn’t the worst breakfast I’ve ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the best AND I found a dark hair in my omelet. I didn’t complain or send it back, I just stopping eating and paid and left. Breakfast fail.

After that disappointing meal, we headed to Marin to my aunt’s house where we were house sitting for the next few days. In exchange for feeding the cats and watering the plants, we got a free place to stay that was only a 15 minute drive from San Francisco. Score!

Our first order of business was to take a nice hot shower and put on clean clothes that didn’t smell like campfire. Then, we headed across the golden gate to meet Cathy for happy hour at Waterbar!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with SF, that’s the Bay bridge behind us. We had such a great time and I can’t wait to get together with Mrs. Penguin (as I’ll always think of her) when she comes down to LA for a visit.

Unfortunately, I forgot our camera at my aunt’s house that night, so the photos I have are limited.

After happy hour, we headed over to my second cousin’s adorable apartment for some wine before dinner. They spoiled us rotten with dinner and took us to Baker and Banker.

If I had brought my camera, I would have been super annoying and taken a picture of every one of the five courses from the prix fixe tasting menu we indulged in. Above, my husband is enjoying the palette cleansing sorbet.

Here we all are at the end of the meal, full and happy. It was so great to see these two and catch up!

After dinner, we headed back to Marin and enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep on a real bed that didn’t deflate halfway through the night like our air mattress did every night when we were camping.

The next day: playtime, walking up some serious hills, and more yummy food.

3 Responses to “Summer Vacation Day 4”

  1. Michelle July 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    oooh, how fun! I've never heard of that restaurant! I wondered where you were staying.

  2. The Less Than Domestic Goddess July 23, 2011 at 3:18 am #

    Yay for San Francisco and meeting Pengy! 🙂

  3. Cathleya July 29, 2011 at 3:36 am #

    Hey it's me! 🙂 Had such a BLAST hanging with you and the hubs! You looked beautiful of course, and it was fun to see the infamous head of hair in person. Jealous!

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