8 weeks

2 Sep

I wrote this on August 22, 2011 during my eighth week of pregnancy.

Last week, after my first day of school, we got to see the heartbeat. It was incredible and I cried. A lot. The baby is measuring a few days behind schedule, which probably just means I ovulated a few days late. My husband likes to joke that the baby takes after his side because his family is pretty short.

I have been having a little bit of sickness, not really in the morning, but mostly in the afternoon and evening. I haven’t thrown up and the nausea is nothing terrible. I’m thankful, but I get nervous when I don’t feel sick because I think that something could be wrong. I try to stay positive, but I have a lot of worries/thoughts that something bad will happen. It is hard to be care free after more than a year of trying and an early miscarriage.

I already had to buy bigger bras! Granted, mine were a little tight to begin with, but they were becoming unbearable. I was busting out! I’m not used to that as I’ve always been pretty flat-chested. My husband is happy 😉

I also already have a little bump. It is probably just bloat and all the extra food I’ve been eating (I’m always hungry and not usually for the healthiest foods), but it is making it hard to find things to wear. Pants are way too uncomfortable, so I’ve been wearing dresses only and am starting to run out! I like to go two weeks at work without repeating an outfit, so I may need to go shopping again soon.

On the weekends, I take naps, but I try not to during the week because then it’s hard to go to sleep at night. Getting up in the morning is becoming more and more difficult.

We have told most of our family members and close friends. I decided to tell people when I felt like it instead of making a plan. I am trying to wait until after my next ultrasound in a month to tell my boss, but I will probably blog about it and share on facebook sooner. The way I see it is that if something bad happens after this point, I will be so devastated that I won’t be normal. People are going to know something is up and I’d rather tell them than lie.

I have already registered. I am crazy.

I need to take my first belly picture, but I’m scared because I took one way too early last time. I think I want to do some sort of chalkboard theme.

Last night, I received some unsettling news. I was pretty upset and started to feel some cramping. It scared me and I had to really focus on relaxing. I should be going to yoga, but I’m always so busy and tired from work, I can never find the time. I know I need to make time. I’m going to try.

My husband is amazing. He is so excited and takes really great care of me. I know he’s going to be an awesome dad.

2 Responses to “8 weeks”

  1. Michelle September 2, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    Have I told you I'm excited for you yet?! Okay, I'll shut up with that word now because I think you get the point. I agree that you ovulated a few days later (which could mean if you did a lot of baby dancing on the day you thought you were ovulating but ended up ovulating later,that you could have done an "unplanned" shettles method, and might end up with a girl. Okay, I'll shut up again with my stupid theories. Yay on the bigger boobies! And I totally noticed your little bump at our reunion.When I was pregnant with Carter I felt really good most of the time, just tired and icky feeling sometimes, and I wanted to eat A LOT. With this last pregnancy, I was SO sick I wanted to die every single day, and … So don't worry about how you feel!I think it's time to get some maternity pants lady! And they are amazing. Secret: Sometimes when I run out of clean pants to wear, I still wear mine. I think we need a picture with your next post of that belly. Hope you took one!

  2. Megan Medley September 3, 2011 at 12:24 am #

    I love reading all your posts. And I agree with Michelle…a baby bump picture would be awesome! Do you plan on finding out the sex of the baby or being surprised?

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