Sunday at Ikea

26 Sep

Yesterday morning, my husband and I headed to Ikea to pick up a few things for the house and for work. We had a list, but only left with two items that were on it and a few things that weren’t.

Here’s what we purchased from our list:

I got this bar stool for $20 so I could sit while teaching at the podium. The one I brought in from home last week is a little too short and I’d like to have a back rest.

Our new kitchen island (did I blog about that? I will, I promise) needed another drawer organizer, so we opted for one of these that you can adjust to fit your utensils:

Unfortunately, I’m stupid and didn’t measure the inside of the drawer before we went, so it was too long and now I have to return it. Oh well, gives me an excuse to go back!

We also wanted to get a little side table for my husband’s new office at work, but they didn’t have anything he liked.

Now for the items we bought that weren’t on the list:

We picked up three of these to fill with water and keep in the fridge. We both love drinking out of glass as opposed to plastic and this can be resealed so the water doesn’t get yucky like it does in an open glass over night. They will also be nice to use when we have people over for dinner – which, come to think of it, we haven’t done in a long time – so they can refill their own glass without having to put the ugly brita on the dinner table.

The last thing we bought was probably a bit stupid, but we both got excited and couldn’t resist.

with this:

I’ve known for quite some time that we would get the Antilop high chair and tray from Ikea. It’s cheap, easy to clean, and simple. Can I tell you how much I dislike high chairs like this? Do I want that in my kitchen or dining room? No thanks. Do I want to deal with cleaning mashed food off of all that fabric? Nope. Do I want something I can spray off with a hose? Yes please.

Forget the fact that we won’t actually need to use a high chair until the baby is six months old and that I still have six months left of this pregnancy – that’s only a year of storing something in a tiny house with too few closets. Oops. Oh well, it made us both happy, so that’s what counts, right?

Overall, I’d say it was a good trip. We looked at some rugs and curtains to get ideas for the nursery and what will become the guestroom/office which helped me rule out the ones that looked good online, but cheap in person. I’m hoping to be more prepared for the next Ikea trip because it isn’t exactly in our neighborhood and I’d like to avoid any more returns.

Do you shop at Ikea? Love it or hate it?

4 Responses to “Sunday at Ikea”

  1. Michelle September 26, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    You told me about the Ikea high chair and I almost bought it a dozen times but then forgot or something came up. In fact, my son is two now (duh you were there) and we still DON'T own a high chair! Obviously we don't need one anymore – those big bulky fabric highchairs gave me the hebeejevies. We used one of those clip on seats at our table, and now a booster seat, but I always wanted a simple high chair like the one you suggested. With our next one, we will definitely be getting this! It would have been nice to have one when Carter was younger to set him up in the kitchen while I cooked dinner. It's a great find!

  2. Morgan September 26, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    Those are some wonderful IKEA finds. And I think that high chair is just perfect, and will be so easy to clean. We love IKEA, and just wish there was one closer than 2 hours away from us!

  3. Hemborgwife September 26, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    We are big IKEA people but since we live in Sweden we are maybe a little biased! What I think is great about their company is that the prices are the same the world over and it really gives everyone a great but cheap option because I change my mind way to much for a higher priced furniture option!

  4. Angela September 26, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    I loooove Ikea! A loooot of our house is furnished by Ikea. I hate how wide their highchairs are, though. It will definitely clean well, though! I already told Vance that I want a space saver highchair so I can stick it in a closet if I need to, we can take to his parents', my parents' or my grandparents' easily, etc. plus it doesn't have to take up space in the dining room. 🙂 Everyone has their reasons for the choices they make, though, so stick to your guns no matter what anyone else says! ;-)Oh and I will strongly encourage you towards something you HAVE to think about soon. Car seats. Everyone I know says to SKIP the travel system/infant car seat and invest in a convertible car seat that can at least transition into preschool if not into a full on booster. You'll save money over time and have less gear clutter. Plus, the "convenience" of being able to carry infant seats isn't really a convenience. I'm 5'8.5" and I have issues carrying those stupid seats with baby in them. I thought my mom (5'2.5") was going to fall over yesterday at church when she tried carrying our friends' baby in the seat. Again, it has to be something you guys decide, but according to my nannying experience and all of my friends who have kids, skip the infant seat. :-)xo,A

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