Nursery Paint Colors

26 Oct
Someone wonderful got me a subscription for House Beautiful magazine recently and I get so excited each time I see a new issue in the mail. In the latest issue, there is an article about paint colors that look beautiful in every light. I had an idea of the direction I wanted to go for paint colors in the nursery, but this article came at the perfect time to solidify two great possibilities.
One thing I wanted to keep in mine while choosing paint colors was that they should go well with the rest of the house. Remember our living/dining room color? It’s a dark purple. Our entryway is now a light gray and our kitchen and hallway will be the same color. Our master bedroom is staying white, due to the paneling, and my husband can’t stand painting another room, so our office will stay sage green. I remember when we were looking at houses to buy and there was one with a PINK room, a BLUE room, and a YELLOW room. Each one screamed it’s designated color and the whole effect was a bit nauseating. I’m hoping to avoid that same vibe, but I still want to have fun decorating.
For a girl, I wanted something with a peachy-pink hue, but I didn’t want it too girly. This is one color that was featured in the House Beautiful article and I really love it. It looks a bit different in the magazine, so I hope the name is correct!
Benjamin Moore’s Sheraton Beige
For a boy, I wanted something light with a grey-blue hue. This color could easily work for a girl as well, but since I’m going gender neutral with so many baby items, I’d like the paint to be a bit more feminine if we have a girl. This color is so calming and serene – it would be perfect for a baby boy’s room.
Benjamin Moore’s Lily White
I’ve also decided that we’ll use the cowhide rug from our dining room in the nursery, since it is a bit small and awkward under the dining table – the chairs catch on it all the time due to it’s curvy shape. Cowhide rugs are everywhere lately, so I feel like it will bring a fresh modern feel into the space.
Now I need to start making inspiration boards! I’ve tried polyvore, but does anyone know of a better site for making interior design inspiration boards? I don’t have photoshop, so it has to be something free online.
Do you like the colors? What about the cowhide rug idea?

One Response to “Nursery Paint Colors”

  1. Angela October 26, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    I love that blue-gray color! Very nice! I'm not a big fan of beige in general, but I bet you could glam it up with accessories and prints! 🙂 I have no inside info into the inspiration boards. You could always save images and then upload them all onto Picnik and create a collage there. I love Polyvore, but haven't used it for interior design. I know a loooot of people do, though. xo,A

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