18 weeks

5 Nov

I’m not loving the pointy look of my belly in this outfit. I do love the outfit, though! I got the sweater for $5 at Gap because they were have a one day special where if you spend $100 you get $40 off. I was going to just buy this other sweater tunic that I can wear with leggings and boots, but the sales girl told me I could get something that was originally $40 and only have to pay $5 more. Score!

I finally got to wear my new-ish rain boots yesterday! My husband bought them for me a while ago (Target), but it hasn’t rained since then. It’s finally started to feel like fall in LA, just in time for the holidays! I can’t wait for the holidays this year.

Last weekend I went over to the closest Crumbs Bakery and talked to someone about cupcakes for our gender reveal. They can put colored filling in their mini bite sized cupcakes which is awesome and they’re open Thanksgiving morning which makes my life so much easier. As of now, here’s the plan: on November 14th, we’ll go get the anatomy scan. We will ask them to write the sex of the baby on two cards, one for us to open on Thanksgiving morning (also my husband’s 30th birthday) and one for Crumbs. Then, I’ll take one card to the bakery (they said I could bring it any day that week, but knowing me I’ll probably take it right after the appointment) and pick up the cupcakes Thanksgiving morning (probably after we open our card and right before we go to my parents’ house). I’m planning on ordering two dozen mini cupcakes, so we’ll take half to my parents and save the other half for my husband’s parents’ house. We’ll have our second Thanksgiving with them and some of my husband’s friends on Saturday and do gender reveal round two. Exciting!

My husband is working on the walls in the nursery as I write this. I’d really love them to be primed and ready to be painted before Thanksgiving so we can start picking colors and decorating right after we find out the sex. I still haven’t cleaned out the office/guestroom yet because I realized some of the stuff is going back into the nursery closet, but I have to wait until all the sanding is done. I just want it all to be done! I have no patience.

Last weekend, my husband was able to feel the baby move for the first time! He has felt it a couple more times since then and it’s pretty cool. I went to the doctor a week early because I had another near fainting spell last weekend and wanted to make sure everything was ok. He listened to the heartbeat and right at the end we heard this big whooshing sound right as I felt the baby do a big somersault (at least that’s what I thought it was doing). It was really cool to be able to hear it and feel it at the same time. My doctor said that the dizzy spells are very common and I should make sure I’m eating and drinking regularly (duh), but he also said it can happen if I’m standing in one place for too long (totally makes sense) or if I get up too fast. If I’m out and about, I definitely try not to stand in one spot for too long. I’ll find myself shifting my weight while waiting in line or teaching to make sure my blood is circulating. We’ll see if I can avoid any more episodes!

Time for lunch. I’m starving, as usual!

One Response to “18 weeks”

  1. Angela November 6, 2011 at 3:38 am #

    This is all so exciting!!!Can't wait to find out!!xo,A

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