22 weeks

2 Dec

Looking and feeling HUGE. Maybe it’s the stripes? Ick. Oh well, can’t win them all.

This week has been super fun. Sharing the gender with family, friends, students, coworkers, and you guys has made everything a lot more real. I can now refer to the baby as “he” and that’s just crazy. I had mostly finished our registries a while ago, but now that we know it’s a boy, I’ve been making some additions and adjustments. It’s so fun!!

While I’m not quite the clean freak I hoped I’d be, nesting has definitely kicked in. I’m having a really hard time with the room not being ready to paint and decorate. I’m so anxious to start moving furniture in and getting everything ready, but I have to wait until my husband finishes the walls (one wall needs one more skim coat, then everything needs to be primed) and gets our new insulation in the attic (the entrance to the attic is in the nursery closet). I think the hardest part for me is that I can’t help. I feel bad nagging my husband, but I’m just so ready! Today, while checking a student’s homework, visions of baby stuff popped into my head out of nowhere. It’s definitely all I can think about lately.

I’ve started a post on hand-me-downs. We’ve gotten some great stuff from very kind people!

Why on earth did I wear those shoes today? I haven’t worn them in a long time and now I know why. Lots of blisters. My pregnancy books say my feet should start widening and while I haven’t noticed a difference in my shoes, they do feel really fat in the mornings. I just know I’m going to have the worst swelling towards the end.

My husband put up lights on the house on Sunday and we got our tree! It only has lights on it for now, but we’ll get the ornaments on it very soon. This is the Christmas I wanted last year (pregnant, know the gender, showing), but I’m so happy it all happened this way.

I just found this photo today. I took it early on in my pregnancy, but before I started taking official weekly photos.

Look at that little pouch! It was all bloat, but I remember feeling like it was really sticking out at the time. This was my first official day at my new job for professional development meetings. Now we’re nearing the end of the first semester. Wow how time flies!

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