19 Jan

One of my Christmas presents from my husband was a pair of tickets to Cirque Du Soliel’s Iris for this past Sunday. He happened to score them for free through work, which made it even more awesome. I had been looking forward to it for weeks, but we almost didn’t go because I came down with a cold Sunday morning. I rested all day and decided to suck it up, pack the tissue, and hope I didn’t sneeze throughout the entire show.

It was amazing! I was brought to tears within the first five minutes. My favorite act was the one featuring the twins who did some high flying acrobatics without any wires. They flew over the audience with just holding onto a rope with their hands. My description doesn’t do it justice, but here’s what they look like:

These alien-like creatures were amazing, as well:

And these girls were very bendy:

Our seats were in the front row of the Mezzanine, which were perfect for this show. We didn’t have to crane our necks to see the high flying acts and we didn’t have anyone in front of us obstructing our view of the stage. Plus, we got extra leg room, which was awesome for this pregnant lady. Oh, and the seat right next to me was empty, so I had somewhere to direct my sneezes. The only bummer about the whole night was the fact that we didn’t have enough time to get dinner before the show (the taco place we planned to eat at was closed and there weren’t any other takeout type places nearby), so I got an overpriced cheese plate at the theater’s concession stand/bar that was less than mediocre.

Overall, it was a great night and I’m glad we went. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the LA area!

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