Birthday Wish Lists

15 Feb

Yes, ListS. This year, I have two wish lists for my birthday, which is in less than a month. I have a reality wish list and a fantasy wish list. Let’s face it: my life isn’t really about me anymore, it’s about the little one growing inside me. Don’t worry, I’m not losing my identity or anything, but my priorities are shifting. Let’s begin with the reality wish list, shall we?

1) Dresser for nursery – we bought a dresser off craigslist over the weekend for super cheap. It is the exact style we wanted, almost identical to the one we had planned to buy for $300 at Ikea, but when we got it home, we realized it isn’t in great condition. So, my husband has started the refinishing/fixing process and I’d love for the dresser to be finished and in the room, well way before my birthday, actually. It would be cool if it was done this weekend so I can start putting stuff away inside the dresser.

2) Refinance – we really need to refinance our home before we can buy a new car, so I’d like to get this process started as soon as possible. I also don’t really want to have to deal with any of it and am hoping my husband will take the reigns.

3) Hallway – my husband and his dad did an amazing job smoothing the walls and painting our hallway, but the trim needs touching up, so I’d love that to get done before the baby arrives. I’d also like the trim in the bathroom painted because as of now it’s a really ugly beige color.

4) Kitchen – we’ve been dying to re-grout the floor tile in our kitchen and it would be great to get that done BB (before baby). I also want to paint the kitchen the same gray as the hallway and entryway and add a chalkboard feature to one wall.

5) Flip out – the best birthday present I could get this year would be if the baby would flip head down and stay that way. I’ve been doing my exercises, but I don’t think he’s moved yet, so I’m starting to get a little nervous that he’s just too comfortable in the position he’s in. Hopefully he’ll cooperate so we don’t have to talk about a c-section.

Now for my fantasy list:

Birthday Wish List 2012

1) Initial Necklace – On Sunday, I got my makeup done with MAC at Nordstrom and looked around a little before my appointment. I found a necklace like this and really wanted one with an “L” on it to wear to my shower that day, but they didn’t have any left.

2) Maxi Dress – This is new at Old Navy Maternity and I think I might buy it for myself to wear on my birthday. I love the color and that it has sleeves. I also think I’d be able to wear it after I have the baby, even though it is maternity.

3) Pretty Earrings – Since I wear my keys on a lanyard around my neck at work, I usually only wear earrings and I love these from Banana Republic.

4) Kindle – I can’t believe I don’t have one of these yet, but I think I’ll finally have time to read for pleasure pretty soon. While a newborn takes a lot of time, there is also a lot of down time during feedings and such, so I’d like to have something that’s easy to hold so I’m not fumbling with pages while holding a nursing baby.

5) Prenatal Massage – I haven’t had one yet and I think I’m due. Burke Williams is by far my favorite spa, but it is pricey. Since my back hurts just about all day every day, it might be time for a little pampering.

6) Green Chucks – I’ve been wanting these for a while. I have a maroon pair and wear them all the time, so I’d like another pair in a fun color to add some happy to my casual outfits.

7) Kindle Case – If I get the Kindle, I have to get a cute case, too, right? This one from Kate Spade would compliment my other accessories and add some whimsy to reading time.

8) Circle Scarf – How do I still not have a circle scarf? I’ve been struggling with how best to tie a scarf and still show off the baby bump, but these take the guesswork out completely. I’m not usually a yellow person, but I think this one would be perfect for Spring.

One thing I MUST have for my birthday is a meal at my favorite restaurant, Bottega Louie. I’m not sure if we’ll go for lunch or dinner, but we will go. I’m going to have to demand it.

Do you have two wish lists, like me? What’s on yours?

4 Responses to “Birthday Wish Lists”

  1. Angela Bailey February 15, 2012 at 5:33 am #

    I think most stuff on your wish listS are reasonable! 😉 As for the infinity scarf, you can really make any scarf an infinity scarf! You just make a small knot at the end and layer it on so the knot is covered. 🙂 I’ve learned a LOT about scarves since working at Old Navy. Haha! OR you can do it like this chick did it here: I mean, if you get an infinity scarf, then awesome, but in case you don’t, I thought I’d share how to do it with a regular scarf! 🙂


  2. tocontributeaverse February 15, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    Aw, all of that looks like great bday gifts! I hope all your reality ones are taken care of soon (and hopefully you’ll get a few of the fantasy ones too!).


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