38 weeks

23 Mar

Home stretch!! On Monday, I’ll have just one more week until my due date. I can’t believe my first pregnancy is almost over! It felt like yesterday that I shared the news with you guys.

Ok, so I’ve been out of work for two weeks now and I’m starting to get bored. Here’s how my days tend to go: I wake up when my husband gets up and he brings me breakfast in bed. Yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am and I am soaking up every minute of it. I watch the news while eating and checking my phone for updates, then after my husband leaves for work, I fall back asleep until around 11am. I try to plan at least one outing each day so I don’t spend the whole day in my PJs, so I’ll go to the store or meet friends for lunch or pick up my brother at school or something, which requires me to actually get dressed and brush my teeth. However, as soon as I get home from whatever outing I’ve been on, I immediately change back into my sweats, like those I’m wearing above. I usually work in a little bit of housework like emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry, but I rarely make dinner. I don’t stay up too late, but I’m usually up reading or watching TV for a bit after my husband falls asleep. The nights are funny. I get up many many times to go to the bathroom and each time I try to switch the side I’m sleeping on. I feel like that video clip of Kate Gosselin when her huge belly is covered in seran wrap and she can barely lift it. Turning over is quite a task, but I manage. Sometimes, the heartburn is so bad at night that I have to lay with my head propped up or I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had much heartburn until the very end, but when it rains, it pours.

We finished our baby care class last night with infant CPR, the best part of the class. We also covered car seat installation and we were chosen as the guinea pigs since our due date was first. We parked our car in front, car seat installed, and the instructor told us how we did it wrong. Actually, we did it  right, but it wasn’t tight enough for him, so he got on top of it to force it down and tighten it more (or pretended to – it seemed the same as before when he was done). Whatever, someone had to be the guinea pigs…

I was checked at my last doctor appointment, but haven’t made any progress. I’ve been having a ton of contractions, though, so I’m hoping I’ll be a little bit dilated at my next appointment. We’re definitely anxious to meet our little one!

I’m so excited to see The Hunger Games this weekend with my friends!! What are your plans for the weekend?

2 Responses to “38 weeks”

  1. Angela Bailey March 23, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    SO CLOSE!!! Ahhh!!! I am so so happy for you and am praying for a safe, and easy (well…ya know…relatively…) labor and delivery!

    I’m going to see The Hunger Games on Monday! I was supposed to go tonight, but my little sister (17) is going on a band trip this weekend all of a sudden, so we’re going Monday evening with my parents, Hannah’s boyfriend, and Vance. Hannah and my mom read the books after I raved about them a couple of years ago! Vance and Daddy are going in blind, but I bet they’ll like it. I’ve read a couple of reviews and it seems like they dulled the violence down a bit to get a PG-13 rating instead of an R. I’m kind of disappointed in that seeing as how this book is SUPPOSED to be dark and morbid, almost like a warning like 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and/or Brave New World. BUT…I get that they’re trying to make it so the target audience of the book is able to see it without having their Mom/Dad/adult there. I hear they botched Cinna’s character and made him kind of goofy and/or more subdued than the true rebel he is, but I guess we’ll find out right? I did hear rave reviews of the the chick that plays Katniss! I’m excited!!! (Can you tell???)

    Dear Liam–Stay inside of Mommy so she can watch the entire movie. You can come out when it’s over! 😉


  2. Michelle York March 23, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    You have seriously grown since I saw you last weekend! Ahhh. I remember peeing so much at night at the very end, it gets a little ridiculous and it was all I talked about to Andy. Please don’t go into labor during the movie but I wouldn’t mind if you did right after, that would be fun. 🙂 You are at the very, very end of it all! It’s so exciting!

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