New Car!

25 Mar

I’ve really been wanting to get a small SUV before the baby arrives for a few reasons. First, getting a car seat in and out of an SUV is much easier than getting one in and out of a sedan (I have a two door and my husband had a four door). Second, if we want to go anywhere with the baby and the dogs, in an SUV we can put the dogs in the very back with the baby in the back seat and we don’t have to worry about them slobbering all over him. Third, our driveway is lined with bricks that go up too high for the back doors of a sedan to open wide enough to get a car seat in. With the height of an SUV, we can easily open the back doors and get the baby in and out.

However, my husband was a little hesitant to make the big purchase because of me not working and the added expense of a baby. I saw his point, but I knew we could do it in a way that might even save us money. Well, on Saturday while I was seeing The Hunger Games (loved it, but the obnoxious teenagers near us almost ruined it for me), my husband headed over to CarMax to see what they would pay him for his car, which was paid off. They offered way more than we were expecting, so he took it and started looking at their lot of cars while he waited (5 hours, poor guy) for me to pick him up. He found a car that he loved and figured out that after paying off the last few payments on my car and putting a down payment on the SUV, we would walk away with lower car payments and a couple hundred dollars to spare! He waited until I got there to pull the trigger because he knew I’d want a say, but after seeing it and taking it for a quick test drive, I was sold.

It’s a 2007 VW Toureg with only 40,000 miles on it. It has leather interior, wood grain, a sunroof, and tons of other cool features that make us feel extra fancy. Plus, it’s the perfect baby car!

The first ones who got to test out the car after us? The dogs, of course!

Look at those creepy eyes! I think they like it.

My husband is reading the owner’s manual now and is obsessed with all the fun features it has. Now we just need to install the car seat (again) and we’re ready to go!

2 Responses to “New Car!”

  1. Michelle York March 26, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    Love it!! I’m so glad it all worked out!

  2. Hi Dandelionpaperweight,
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