The Infirmary

13 Jun

*This post is a week old, so references to days aren’t current*

My husband is on crutches, I have a cold, but luckily the baby is doing great! My husband injured his foot/ankle on Saturday night playing basketball with his friends. The next day, I came down with a nasty cold. We’re a mess! I’ve learned a few things through this ordeal, though…

1. My husband does (or did) so much around the house. He cooks every dinner, does most of the laundry and grocery shopping, does the dishes, keeps the house clean and yard manicured all while working full time… and what do I do? I breastfeed and keep our two month old happy. With Mr. TTT on crutches, it has been really hard for either of us to get a good meal and the house is kind of a mess. He can’t help out with the house like he used to, he can’t really help much with the baby because he can’t hold him while standing or walking.

2. HMOs kind of suck. It took him three days to get into a specialist and it’s taking even longer to get the MRI approved that the specialist requested. My husband used to  have Kaiser and loved it, so he’s a little bitter that I convinced him to switch to my HMO when we got pregnant.

3. I used to be a big baby when I got sick. Ok, maybe I still am, but now I have to take care of Liam when I’m sick, so I don’t have the luxury of taking a few days off or lying in bed all the time anymore. I realized this week that I’m much tougher than I thought I was.

4. I’m so glad baby TTT is breastfed. I have not limited my contact with him at all since I’ve been sick – I’ve given him just as many kisses and stuck my fingers in his mouth to unlatch countless times – and he hasn’t shown any signs of catching my cold. Thank goodness because all we need is a sick baby to really push us over the edge.

5. I could never work with my husband. He was off for three days in a row, plus the weekend, and driving me crazy! I know the feeling was mutual, so while I feel badly that he had to take the bus to work today (he can’t drive since he injured his right foot), we were both glad to be back to a more normal routine and out of each other’s hair.

Mr. TTT at Target on his scooter; Baby TTT is happy and healthy!

How do you cope with sick or injured family members?

2 Responses to “The Infirmary”

  1. Jessica T June 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    I think we all get a little sick of our SO’s when we spend too much time with them! LOL
    Hope your hubs feels better and you do too friend

  2. Laura June 15, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Love that pic of mike in the scooter!!! Feel bad for him but the pic is hilarious 🙂

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