Giving Back

18 Nov

Tis the season for making wish lists and hitting the mall, but it’s also when we think of those less fortunate and try to give back. I found Operation Christmas Child and decided it would be a fun way to help a child in need and maybe even gain a pen pal. I also asked my principal if I could involve my students and after much encouragement, we packed a box in each of my five classes.

I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the boxes or gifts inside or the sweet notes, but just know that a lot of love went into these shoeboxes and each one was packed with love. After they’re sent, I’ll get an email letting me know what country each one went to. Our donation center had this sign out front:


So, we know they’ll go to children in either Peru, Indonesia, Panama, Nepal, Mongolia, or The Philippines. I included our address in each box in hopes that the children who receive them will write back, which would be very rewarding for my students.


I’m so glad we are starting the tradition of giving back this time of year now that Liam is here and I hope we continue each and every year to do something like this together as a family.

One Response to “Giving Back”

  1. Angela November 19, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    I LOVE OCC! I’ve been doing it since I was in middle school. My church, Pinedale Christian Church, is actually the largest collection center in the world! We collected over 30,000 shoe boxes this year! It’s insane, but awesome! Our missions/involvement minister, Danny, went to Kosovo a few years back and helped deliver some of the boxes. The “documentary” he made while there is amazing! So many kids are blessed by it! I LOVE it!

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