25 Dec

This was the best Christmas ever. Liam made it so wonderful. He is such a happy baby and we love him more than words can express. Here’s a bunch of pictures from our day:


First row:

My husband putting together Liam’s first radio flyer. Santa came! Liam didn’t want to come into the living room in the morning, which meant I didn’t get my classic Christmas face picture. Finally, he attacked the presents.

Second row:

He liked the wrapping paper best. Getting a ride from Dad in the walker/wagon. Dad teaching his son a little golf. The place cards came out very cute – thanks to my mother in law for putting them together at the last minute!

Third row:

Liam with his cousins Gwen and Ava. Mother and son. Liam with his second cousins Kevin and Elizabeth. Father and son.

Fourth row:

My mother in law Ann with her grandchildren. Ava and her favorite person, her grandpa. Eating dinner at the pretty tables I forgot to photograph. My sister in law Molly with Baba (Grandma Barbara).

I hope you had a great Christmas full of love.


One Response to “Christmas!”

  1. Jessica December 26, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Noah LOVED tissue paper! I can’t wait to see how our kids are next year at Christmas! EEK

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