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1 Jan

Hey there, I’m so glad you’re here! Feel free to have a look around and let me know if you have any suggestions for how I can make the site better. Be sure to update your reader with my new url:

Here’s to an incredible 2012!


I’m a BEE!

15 Dec

The first blog I ever read (well, as least the first one I can ever remember reading that I actually knew was a blog) was Weddingbee. It’s an amazing site where all different women, and even a couple men, blog about planning their weddings. When I was planning my wedding, I used to keep the site open as a tab on my browser and refresh it any time I had a free minute to look at new posts. It is an incredible resource for any bride, but I especially loved it because so many women had amazing DIY ideas and inspiration that I totally stole… ahem… borrowed for my own wedding.
After our wedding, I started reading the personal blogs of ladies whose weddings I followed and through comments and twitter, became sort of online friends with some of them. It has been amazing to have this new support system over the last couple of years and I’m so grateful for the community that Wedingbee creates between it’s bloggers and readers. The only bee I’ve met in real life is Cathy, aka Mrs. Penquin, who is now WB’s editor in chief! She’s an absolute doll and we had such a great time at waterbar in San Francisco this summer. She was actually the first person to see us after we became pregnant, though we didn’t know it yet.

I had always wondered if the creator of Weddingbee, Bee Kim, or Mrs. Bee, was going to start a parenting site. People were always buzzing about it on the WB boards and twitter and I anxiously awaited the day when she would launch one. Well, that day has come and I am SO incredibly excited to be a part of the first generation of Mama Bees to blog for Hellobee!

I am Mrs. Tic Tac Toe!

Read my very first post on Hellobee here!


19 Aug

I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger. I apologize. This week has been crazy what with getting acclimated to my new school and students. I’m hoping to make some time each weekend to write up my posts for the following week, but if I continue to blog less regularly, don’t be surprised and please don’t unsubscribe!! I have exciting news to share soon and want you to stick around to read all about it.

This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion and I have cold feet. Do I have to go? I did pay a lot of money (for me) for the tickets and got a new dress for the occasion. We’ll see if I have the guts or if I suddenly feel really sick that night.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m ready for fall and Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix. Anybody else?

Image from Simply Recipes.

Thank You!

11 Jul
[Edit – if you subscribe to this blog in Google Reader, you already saw it on Saturday. Sorry about that, I made a mistake while trying to schedule it. Here it is again, but this time it’s here for good and I added some pictures.]

Did you have a good weekend? I did. I got all my laundry done which is a big deal because it had been building up for weeks! Sick for a week + broken dryer for a week = lots of dirty clothes. I even did my husband’s laundry, which is something I rarely do. I think I could get used to this house wife thing.

Thank you so much to those that commented on this post where I asked you to introduce yourself. Some of you I know though blogging or the real world and some of you I’m so glad to “meet” for the first time! Since you took the time to comment and answer my silly questions (by the way, when I asked if you liked to knit I was kind of kidding and just giving a suggestion for something you might tell me about yourself, but now I know I probably shouldn’t blog about kitting much), I’m going to give you a shout out and link to your blog, if you have one.

Thanks to Nicole for always sending me notes of support and advice about dealing with infertility. She has three boys under the age of three and one baby girl on the way! She is one busy lady!!

Sarah is newly pregnant with her fist baby! She is a military wife and loves teaching Sunday School. She can crochet (I used to know how to do this as well, but I’d need a refresher), but not knit (that’s ok, I still like you).

Heather is a friend on twitter and she’s due with her first baby very soon! She loves dogs and works for an animal insurance company. I’m always jealous when she tweets about bringing her dogs to work with her.

Megan is a friend from college who just got married a few weeks ago! She has 5 tortoises (!) and is an English teacher like me. I’m so happy for her and love hearing all about her wedding!

Sarah and I went to high school together and she just made a big change in her life. She lives in Santa Ynez (one of my favorite places to visit – great wine tasting) and has a pregnant dog! I can’t wait to see pictures of the puppies!!

Morgan is enjoying married life and isn’t quite ready for kids yet. She loves animals and crafting. Check out her blog for some inspiration!

Pippa (no, not THAT one) is a reader from Australia!!! She is a SAHM of an 8 month old boy and a kitty cat. She likes to sew and scrapbook when she has the time.

Lizzie is my good friend Jessica‘s sister-in-law and is so fun to hang out with! She has three cats and loves dogs and wants more design posts. Hmmm… I’ll have to get on that!

Beth and I have been blog friends for a while. She has also struggled with infertility and it has been so nice to read about her experiences and not feel so alone. She likes the design posts, too, so I know I need to step it up in that department.

Angela has been trying for a baby about the same amount of time that I have. She taught herself to knit (so did I!) and her husband has six adopted siblings!

Cathy is the editor-in-chief of Weddingbee, the first blog I ever read. I remember being SO excited when she first commented on one of my posts and now we’re online buddies! She lives in Berkeley and I hope we get to meet in person soon!!
Thanks to all my readers for your support. Every comment makes me so happy and I can’t wait to hear from more of you!

New Netbook Case!

5 Jan

Yay! My new netbook case arrived today from case logic! I have a little break in my crazy day to show you.

I chose the teal one, though it is a lot greener in person which is kind of a bummer.

My hp mini fits snuggly inside!

Sometimes my little hp likes to use it as a cushion. You know, if it’s butt hurts after a long day of blogging.

I know, I’m not very funny.

Thanks for your votes! I went with the color that got the most votes on facebook and on here.

Do I need a laptop skin now? The shiny black surface is BAD for fingerprints…

Merry Christmas to All!

26 Dec

Well, the night is winding down and I’m blogging from my new netbook! I feel so lucky to be healthy and well fed with shelter from the rain and lots of loving family.

I cooked for 15 this year (cheated with a honey baked ham and my husband barbecued tri tip, but I made everything else) and I think I’m getting the hang of this whole entertaining thing! I wasn’t as stressed as last year and I think the food turned out even better. 
We didn’t take one picture. FAIL! Oh well, I’ll steal some from the relatives and give you some play-by-play action tomorrow. Since I can now blog comfortably from anywhere, I’ll probably be doing it a whole lot more. I’d also like to go in some kind of direction with this thing. I like blogging about my life, but I need a little spin. Any ideas? Maybe 2011 will bring some inspiration.
In the meantime, help me pick a new netbook case! I’m loving these cable knit cozies from case logic.
Do you like peacock?
Or tannin?
Help me choose!!


1 Dec

I subscribe to 72 blogs in my Google Reader. That’s a whole lotta daily reading. Today, Princess Lasertron posted about her new blog journaling project called Radvent 2010. I do love a good writing assignment, so I thought I’d give it a try once she posts the first prompt tomorrow. Then, blog friend Ali of His Birdie’s Nest posted about joining #reverb10 and I thought, “That sounds awfully familiar…”

After checking out last year’s version of reverb, called #best09, I decided to join the other 700+ bloggers in an attempt to “reflect on this year and manifest what’s next.”


Want to join me? The plan is this:
1. Sign up on the #reverb10 site and check daily for prompts.
2. Blog about said prompts – can be a picture, just a sentence, or a super long and ramble-y post.
3. Tweet with the hashtag #reverb10 and link to your post.
4. Gain inspiration from other bloggers by reading their #reverb10 posts.
5. Finish off 2010 with a ka-bang!

I’m excited to get started tomorrow and hope you can join me on this adventure!

Blogging from my phone!

8 Nov

I just figured out that I can blog from my phone and attach pictures, so I decided to try it out to see if it was worth it. Maybe I will post more often if this works out!

Tag, You’re It!

22 Oct

Yesterday, I was tagged by my blog friend Ali from His Birdie’s Nest. She had answered a set of questions asked by her tagger and she tagged my blog, along with some others, and asked us some questions! I am busy this morning getting ready for camping, but I wanted to write this post before we left because I plan to be unplugged for the next few days.

Ok, here we go…

1. What do you believe your best feature is, physical and personality? 

I think my best physical feature used to be my rear-end, but as that is getting a little huge, I’d say my blue eyes. People compliment me on my hair when I actually manage to make it look decent because it is very thick, but I hate dealing with it everyday.

Personality-wise, I’d say my easy going nature. I try to go with the flow (most of the time) because I want to please everyone.

2. What is your favorite dish to make? 

Salmon is the easiest thing for me to cook and it usually tastes pretty good. Enchiladas are a pain to make, but they’re my favorite thing to eat, especially when I make extra for leftovers!

3. What is your favorite article of clothing? and why? 

This always changes for me. I will wear the hell out of one new thing, then get sick of it and switch to something else. I just got this new plaid shirt at Old Navy that I love because it is extra long and comfy, but I think my most flattering piece is my Banana Republic Outlet pink-ish wrap shirt dress.

4. What is the one gift you really hope to get for the holidays this year? 

I really really want a macbook of some kind. I know that is a huge present, but my husband and I are thinking about getting it for each other this year as our only present.

5. What was your favorite blog post? and why? 

I think my “Thoughts on God” post was my favorite because I opened up about something I rarely talk about. I wish there had been more of a discussion in the comments, though.

6. Which blogger would you most like to have dinner with? and why?

I’d love to have dinner with Ali (I had the chance a few weeks ago, but couldn’t make it because Emily came over), Jenna of That Wife, and Mandy of OMG I’m a Mom. Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one…

Ok, tag…
Meet the Vances
Pretty Little Mommy Things
Bees and Bows
That Wife
Style By Emily Henderson
You’re It!

Here are your questions:
1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?
2. If you couldn’t have the job you have now, what would you want to do for work?
3. What is the one blog you look forward to reading each day and why?
4. What would you call your personal style?
5. Who had the biggest influence on you growing up and why?

Yay! I can’t wait to read the blogs, ladies!

My new favorite blog!

26 Apr

I read a lot of blogs. Everyday I am adding (and sometimes deleting) subscriptions to my Google reader. Some of my absolute favorites are That Wife, OMG! I’m a Mom!, Bees and Bows, and Meet the Vances. I have recently discovered a new favorite that is good for something more than keeping me from getting bored at work.

Knock Off Wood is the best blog ever… well, I think so anyway…

I am not sure exactly how I stumbled on this blog, but this woman is a freakin’ hardcore genius. She started making her own furniture, then selling furniture to people and stores, and now she puts all the detailed plans on her blog for us to use! I know what you’re thinking: furniture is hard and expensive to build. That is what I thought. I thought it would be cheaper to buy a new bedroom set than build one. Plus, I don’t have all those fancy tools, right? WRONG! She shows us all how to build quality, stylish furniture (similar to Pottery Barn) for so little money it will make your head spin.

Check out this Pottery Barn play kitchen:

Amazing, no? Any little girl’s dream? Would you spend $700 plus tax and shipping on a cute little kitchen? I’m sorry, I mean a cute little PLAY kitchen that your kids will draw all over and climb on top of and destroy?

Check out this play kitchen:

Way cuter, more personalized, and HELLO! This one cost less than $130. Yes, it takes time to make something like this for so little money, but when you have so little money and a little extra time, you make it and pat yourself on the back!

Isn’t this Farmhouse Bed from Pottery Barn lovely?

Well, you’ll have to shell out $1,200 plus tax and shipping for a queen sized one.

This one is so similar…

and only cost $120 to build.

Go check out this blog. It is amazing and will inspire you to save so much money without sacrificing style or quality! I’m ready to get building!