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>The Next Step

30 Mar

>I went to the doctor today and am moving forward with Clomid on my next cycle! I’m nervous, but excited to get this process going. Babysitting two adorable little girls last weekend made my yearning for a baby so much stronger (if that’s even possible) and I am SO ready for the next step.

I finally got my butt back in the gym on Sunday after a really long hiatus. I went last night, as well! It feels so good to get back to yoga and pilates classes. I have to remember that next time I want to be lazy…

We are sooooo nervous for the show to air on Saturday!! People have been asking if we are having a viewing party, but we’re only having our parents over because we are too embarrassed to watch it with a big group of people. Please watch, but please don’t judge. It is super awkward being filmed and we have no idea how they edited it.

I just discovered a new online magazine called Styled. It’s all about parties and I love it. Here is an umbrella they featured that I really really want:

It is pink! And it is SHAPED LIKE A HEART!! I wish I had some extra cash laying around because I would totally snag one of these from Esty seller Umbrella Heaven for $35.

My little brother starred in Peter Pan last weekend and was so adorable! I can’t wait until he’s rich and famous.

How cute is he?

Only two more days left of the workweek!! I get Cesar Chavez day off, which also happens to be April Fool’s day this year. Yay for three day weekends!

Cray-zay Day

5 Jan

First, I had to write four blog posts for my student blog by 10am.

Next, I have therapy at 11am. Going to have to leave early to make it to…

Pick up my brother at soccer camp at 12pm.

Then, take him home to change and eat.

Next, take him to a writing class at 1pm, pick him up at 2:30pm.

Then, take him back home for a voice lesson at 2:45pm.

Our friend is dropping off his dog at our house at some point during all this craziness. We are dog sitting Jackson’s brother, Marlowe for a few days.

Hopefully I will be able to go to the gym at some point. Looks like the to do list will have to wait…