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OOTD: School Holiday

17 Sep

I had the day of from work, so Liam and I played and ran some errands. I wore cranberry pants and a chambray shirt from Old Navy and he wore blue shorts and a yellow striped shirt from Carter’s. As you can see, he tries to grab anything and everything I’m holding now!


OOTD: Palm Springs

23 Jun

We’re in Palm Springs for my husband’s work trip (we have a big, mean, scary house sitter, so don’t try to rob us) and Liam and I have been trying to keep busy and stay cool.


I’m wearing a hat from Target, dress from Nordstrom (BP), braided belt, and flip flops.


Liam is wearing an outfit from his great grandma, who we call Ba-Ba. It’s from Gymboree. I’m glad I got a picture of him wearing the shoes because they stayed on for about 5 minutes. He has really tiny feet!

OOTD: Starbucks and a pedicure

11 Jun

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I actually feel really bad that I haven’t done Liam’s weekly posts in a while. I have taken the pictures, but with my husband being on crutches, I have no time to sit at the computer and edit them and write the posts. Maybe we’ll have to just do monthly posts…

Today, I was able to pick up my step sister and go get a pedicure. Liam stayed asleep and she just pushed him in the stroller around the block. It was so nice to be able to do that!! Here’s what I wore:


Skinny jeans and a bright coral top from old navy, flip flops and dangly earrings. I got my toes painted the same color as the top.

Here’s what Liam wore:


He’s wearing a romper from baby gap – it was on sale. I think blue is definitely his color, not just because he’s a boy, but because it matches his eyes. I really hope they stay blue!

My husband goes in for an MRI on his foot tomorrow – send positive thoughts for no surgery needed!!

OOTD: Afternoon Walk

15 May

I’ve been cleared for exercise, so I’ve started taking Liam on daily walks around the neighborhood. Here’s what I wore for our walk last Friday:


I’m wearing yoga pants from old navy, a shirt I got on clearance from the juniors section Target – which I bought in an XL because I wanted it to be baggy and… it’s not, which is depressing – new saucony tennis shoes from DSW, and a brace on my wrist for my terrible carpel tunnel.


Liam is wearing a teal and gray jumper from old navy – these one piece shorts outfits are my favorite for him lately because they’re so easy and cute.

OOTD: Saturday Baby Shower

7 May

This is my first OOTD post! I was feeling put together and sort of cute, which is rare these days, so I decided to snap a picture before we headed to my friend Laura’s baby shower on Saturday.


I wore a blue maternity dress from target, white cardigan, floral scarf from old navy, brown belt, and flip flops.


Liam wore a striped polo jumper from old navy, a green bum genius cloth diaper (first time for these – big step!) and froggy socks from target. He’s such a handsome date!

Putting Away the Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

22 Sep

I edited this post from Tuesday to include why I like each of my favorite nurseries, so check it out!

My husband and I have our own rooms. Well, technically, his room is our room because we both sleep there, but we call the guestroom “my” room because I use the closet in there. Yes, my husband has a bigger closet than I do. Yes, I’m a little jealous.

Soon, the guestroom will become the nursery and I’m going to have to move most of my clothes into our master closet (which means my husband is going to have to get rid of some stuff). I know a baby/toddler doesn’t need a whole closet of their own, so I’m going to use half of it for special occasion pieces, but I want to move my everyday clothes into our room so I won’t have to disturb the baby when he or she is sleeping and I need to get ready or do laundry.

I decided the first step in this process should be to go through all of my everyday clothes and pack up the things I can’t wear now that my stomach is protruding. I know that those clothes will be out of commission for longer than just my pregnancy, so I think packing them in a big plastic bin for 9-12 months is a good idea so I don’t have to worry about taking up valuable space in our soon-to-be shared closet.

I forgot to take a picture of my stuffed to the brim closet before I packed, but here’s what half of it looks like now:

Look at all those empty hangers! And here’s the bin full of pre-pregnancy clothes:

I put my bras in there, too since I can’t wear them anymore. I have two bras I can wear now and I’m sure I’ll need more before I have the baby (and after for nursing), but my bra drawer was getting really full so I decided to store those as well as some spanx.

Here was my criteria for what went in the box:

Shirts/sweaters too short
Too tight
Too form-fitting
Haven’t worn it in ages

That last one should have gone into a giveaway bag, but I wasn’t ready to deal with that just yet, so I just packed them up anyway.

How often to you go through your closet to get rid of stuff? Did you or would you pack away your pre-pregnancy clothes or would you just leave them in your closet?

Done with the heat

8 Sep
It was 107 here today. Yes, I was inside an air conditioned classroom all day, except when I went outside to walk to the bathroom, but it’s just too hot!! I’m ready for fall and winter. I’m ready for rain and pumpkin bread and mexican hot chocolate.
I also want these:

Only $35 at Target! Love them. Come one, fall. Hurry up. I’m ready for you.


6 Sep
FFF stands for the Fat Finger Federation, a club my friends and I created in middle school because we all had chubby fingers. Some of those friends have grown out of that stage, but not me! I still have pretty chubby little stumps on my hands.
Since we got married two years ago, I’ve gained some weight. Not a ton, but enough to put me up a size or two in clothes… and rings. I never take my wedding rings off. Ever. As a result of that and the extra weight, my left ring finger is now deformed. 

I have been really worried about my rings getting stuck as I got further in my pregnancy and I’ve had visions of them being cut off my finger. To put my fears at rest, I decided to bite the bullet and take them off for the remainder of my pregnancy (and probably for a few months after. As a temporary replacement, I got a ring from Nordstrom for $22. It is a little too big, but I figure I’ll grow into it…

I have been taking this one off every night before bed, but sometimes I forget to put it back on in the morning. Hopefully it will become a habit soon!

Back to School Shopping!

9 Aug

Aren’t I lucky that I get to go back to school shopping every year? I always like to get a few new outfits before the new school year to get me in the mood for work after a nice long break.

Ohhhh my goodness, I almost forgot to tell you!! Remember how I said that the scary teacher dreams would start any day now? WELL I had a big one last night. It was my new school, but with the same teachers. There were some bratty students and I stayed until 8pm (!!), but at the end of the day I was happy to be back. Strange…

Ok, so let’s look at my new clothes, shall we?

This dress from White House Black Market. I used an online coupon code and had an old store credit, so I think I only spent $50. I already had the shoes; they’re from DSW. I actually got this dress for my 10 year high school reunion that’s coming up in a few weeks, but I can wear it to work, too.

This dress from Old Navy. Yes, it is a maternity dress. NO, this is not an announcement. I wandered over to the maternity section and thought it was cute and flattering, so I bought it. It works now and it will work later when I need some extra tummy room.

These shoes from Old Navy. I have them in black and they are so comfortable.

The pups wanted in on the photo shoot.

I’m sorry this photo is so blurry, but it was the most flattering in this outfit.

Here’s an unflattering in-focus one. The skirt is the only thing that is new and it’s from Old Navy, but it’s not on the website. I’m having second thoughts about it and might be returning it soon…

This dress is from Burlington Coat Factory and was only $18! I already had the sweater and shoes. I have a styling questions for you guys: Do you like the sweater buttoned like it is above?

Or unbuttoned like this? I can’t decide.

As I was linking to Old Navy, I found this dress that I really want. Maybe if I return the black skirt I can get it instead…

As for school supplies, I haven’t bought much. I want to wait until I see what the school gives me when I go in for meetings at the end of the week before I buy a bunch of stuff. I did get a small fan for my desk (my room in newly painted and smelly), hand sanitizer, and a planner. I might get a new desk chair (the one in the room is wooden and stationary), but I’m going to see how uncomfortable the provided one is first. Luckily, I’ve been teaching for a while so I have a lot of stuff already.

Did/do you like back to school shopping? What’s your favorite part?

Midnight In Paris

23 Jun
My plan was to see this movie after I found out I won Oh Happy Day’s trip to Paris. I didn’t win, but I went and saw the movie tonight anyway. I went by myself, which is a luxury I will have to give up once I start working at my new school because there is a good chance I would see students at my local movie theater. I’ve never had to worry about that with my current job because I don’t live in the same neighborhood as my students, but that will change very soon!
Anyway, back to the best movie ever. I am obsessed. Besides the references to the most amazing writers and artists, I love the fashion in the movie. I have a bit of a girl crush on Rachel McAdams and her wardrobe in this movie took it to another level.
Image found here
I need this outfit. All of it.
Image from here
And this one. Please.
Image found here
Just gorgeous.
Image found here
I’ll take the outfit and the hair. I wish mine wasn’t so huge and frizzy because I do have the wave to pull this off.
Image found here
So many belts! I need more belts…
Image found here
In the scene with this outfit, she had sweaty armpits. I love that they left it in the movie because it was so real. And I’ve always been afraid of aviators, but now I think I might take the plunge.
Overall this movie was like an amazing date with a charming man. So fun and refreshing.
What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? Did you love it because of the plot, the fashion, the music, or all of the above?